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NSBC Member Success Story

It’s “Pawsible” focused on enhancing the lives of pets

Centurion’s Heather Whitfield, a dedicated veterinary physiotherapist, is capturing audiences on the People’s Weather channel with her new show, “It’s Pawsible,” focused on enhancing the lives of pets.

The journey to the small screen began when Whitfield initiated a project on Nelson Mandela Day last year, catching the attention of a channel producing a show for the occasion. The producer, impressed by Whitfield’s work, shifted the focus to a series on pet physiotherapy.

Yonwabeli Cleaning Services – Empowering the nation

Meet the Absa Small Business Friday featured Small Business of the Week – Yonwabeli Cleaning Services.

Yonwabeli Cleaning Services was founded in 2013. They specialise in commercial cleaning, hygiene services, pest control, deep cleaning, carpet cleaning, decontamination, and fogging. They are striving to become the powerhouse in the cleaning and trolley management sector.

When Beauty Matiwane's father passed away, she found her calling. She wanted to break the stigma that men can be the sole breadwinners in a family. As she watched how her mom struggled to make ends meet, she wanted to empower women by educating them to earn their salary. She worked in corporate from 2007 to 2012 and then started her entrepreneurial journey in 2013.

Mabopane Auto Center – Building township economies

Meet the Absa Small Business Friday featured Small Business of the week Mabopane Auto Center.

Mabopane Auto Center is a one-stop automotive after-market service centre. They do vehicle services, repairs, tyre fitments, windscreen fitments, motor spares, and will soon start to add panel beating and spray painting.

Kguagelo Modise had the objective of bringing a world-class facility with professional services into the township. Mabopane Auto Center meets industry standards and is currently accredited by the Retail Motor Industry Organisation (RMI). This auto centre has a unique proposition in that it offers most car-related services under one roof which saves the customers time and money.

Grand Slam Surfacing – It takes a village to reach success

Meet the Absa Small Business Friday featured Small Business of the week – Grand Slam Surfacing.

Grand Slam Surfacing believes in creating safe, fun, and quality sports surfaces. They specialise in the surfacing and resurfacing of sports courts and facilities in acrylic, sport tiles, and cushioned rubber surfaces.

Peter Myburg’s entrepreneurial journey began as a young schoolboy. He would work on Saturdays selling chocolates, biltong, and fudge. As he became older he would host tennis camps in the summer and even went door to door selling watermelons. This prepared him for his entrepreneurial journey after university.

Starting a business with R1500, Zakhele Mgobhozi is now an award-winning businessman

Zakhele Mgobhozi won the NSBC’s National Entrepreneur Champion Award, a testament to how hard he has worked to build his business.

They say hard work pays off; for Zakhele Mgobhozi, he is seeing his hard work pay off through the success of his business. Starting with just R1,500.00, Zakhele is today an award-winning businessman and an inspiration to his team and community.

Zakhele started his business, Modern Centric Holdings, to empower marginalised communities and promote their inclusion within the South African economy. His hope has always been to see the betterment of the LGBTQI+ community and those living with disabilities. To do this, his business needed to be a success and have access to much-needed funding.

Clean-Pro Systems – Keeping a close eye on finances is key to achieving success

Meet the Absa Small Business Friday featured Small Business of the week – Clean-Pro Systems.

Clean-Pro Systems is a specialist bulk supplier of cleaning and facilities chemicals, consumables and products targeted to supplying the cleaning and facilities industries in South Africa. They also provide valued training and consultancy to these industries for their client’s operational staff with PBEH (Professional Body for Environmental Hygiene) certification.

Verina Coleman began Clean-Pro Systems in October 2017. It is a unique business in their industry because they have two parts which complement each other. The first is the product silo, and the second is the training and consultancy. Even though they have faced many adversities in the industry, they have set themselves apart by getting their clients to see them as partners rather than just suppliers. After 5 years of existence, the revenue of this business has gone from zero to nearly five million per annum.

Otto Communications Systems – getting people and businesses connected

Meet the Absa Small Business Friday featured Small Business of the week – Otto Communications Systems.

Otto Communication Systems is in the business of getting people and businesses connected - and keeping them connected. No matter the weather or load-shedding schedule. Cheyne Jordon Otto established the business in 2018 to help pay for rent and groceries. Looking back he recounts the humble beginnings: starting off in a commune, recruiting two house mates, finding offices, building a team, being rattled by the Pandemic, pulling through as a company, learning the importance of contracts, bouncing back within 6 months, finishing up the financial year three times stronger than the previous year. Today the business has grown to support a lifestyle beyond what he could’ve imagined at the outset.

Moody and Smith Digital – building a team for business greatness

Meet the Absa Small Business Friday featured Small Business of the week – Moody and Smith Digital.

Moody and Smith Digital (Pty) Ltd is a digital agency which aims to help businesses have a solid presence online by implementing the following four core activities: digital marketing, content creation, online community management, and systems optimisation.

Moody and Smith Digital was started in 2013 with one employee and R800 in Midrand. Through risk-taking, perseverance and grit, Tumelontle Mokoka has grown his business to 40+ diverse individuals in the richest square mile in Africa being the heart of Sandton with a revenue close to 20 million in 2021.

Macatlas Freight – doing business differently

Meet the Absa Small Business Friday featured Small Business of the week – Macatlas Freight.

In 2016, Christine Mackay founded Macatlas Freight, a 100% female-owned and -operated freight company that provides a wide range of freight and logistics services.

Christine Mackay’s curiosity for freight was awakened when she accompanied her dad to the harbour to view cargo vessels sailing into the port of Cape Town while on holiday. The contrast of her small stature with the vastness of the ocean and the ships fascinated her. Thus, a passion for freight and logistics was born.

Feelgood Health – sharing good health throughout the world

Meet the Absa Small Business Friday featured Small Business of the week – Feelgood Health.

Feelgood Health is an online natural health shop established in 1997 by Michele Carelse, a clinical psychologist and avid supporter of natural wellness. During her practice, Michele was uncomfortable recommending prescription drugs for ADHD, depression and anxiety for her patients, realising that they often came with unwanted side effects or resulted in dependency. Not able to find quality natural alternatives on the market, she began working with natural health experts to formulate a selection of herbal and homeopathic remedies - initially for use in her private practice only. This small range soon became so popular that Michele began to distribute these remedies to selected stores and opened her own website - one of the very first e-commerce websites in South Africa! Thus, Feelgood Health was born.

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