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Candid Conversations: Allon Raiz – You need a compelling economic right to exist, not funding

In this episode, Allon Raiz shares his first foray into failure and how it changed his mindset. He also talks about running “the only genuine incubator on the African continent”. Listen as Charles Hsuan (Flying Kite) and Allon bond over both interviewing for corporate jobs before committing to their own ventures. And be treated to Allon’s unique storytelling style. You’ll also get some great suggestions for new reading material.

Podcast 101 – your guide to get on the air

According to, there are about 600 million blogs on the internet at the moment. In comparison, there are only 850 000 active podcasts with 30 million episodes. With these stats in mind and with the further idea that a high majority of people prefer to listen to information rather than read it, and a podcast becomes a viable marketing strategy for many people.

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