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Bidvest Insurance also supports SME growth in South Africa

Bidvest Insurance shares President Cyril Ramaphosas view that growing the SME sector in South Africa is critical to growing our economy and alleviating unemployment. At the same time that government was launching its small- and medium-enterprise (SME) fund CEO circle, which aims to propel economic growth and create employment, Bidvest Insurance was busy launching its own SME insurance products.

Boring bankers vs sexy fintech

Article provided by Mercantile Bank

A bank is a place that will lend you money if you can prove that you don’t need it, the comedian Bob Hope has been quoted as jokingly saying.

According to Hope, and many others, banks and bankers are conservative, even “boring”.

Hope died in 2003, long before the rise of Fintech, which many would argue is the opposite of “traditional” banking – innovative, fast, risk-takers, even “sexy”.

Although traditional banks also have embraced technology and are trying innovative things, fintech players, including what some might call “alternative” lenders, are appearing around every corner of the internet.

Xero fuels small business growth in South Africa with finance options

Fast and accessible lending options now available to small business through the Xero platform

Xero, the global small business platform, today announced  new agreements with a group of South Africa’s new digital lenders: Bridgement, Retail Capital and Lulalend. These carefully selected finance providers will improve South African small businesses’ access to much-needed funding – and in so doing, help South African businesses reach their growth objectives.

Creative Solutions: 24/7 – A Transport Network Driven by Innovation
Article provided by ProfitShare Partners Connecting SMEs to the funding solutions they need to expand is one of our core drivers. In a world that is advancing quickly with the need for instant services becoming the norm, SMEs like our client, 247 Mobile, are responding promptly to the trends with creative solutions through technology. Established in 2016, 247 Mobile is a female-owned BEE Level 1 transport network company that provides corporates with driving services for their night shift employees. The SME recognised the need for safe, reliable transport services and developed a professional corporate service for the market in response to the Basic Conditions of Employment Act requirements for employees who work after 18h00 and before 06h00.
True Impact Commits R100m to FinTech SME Funder, ProfitShare Partners
Article provided by ProfitShare Partners In its drive to create immense social impact for growth and sustainability in the SME sector, ProfitShare Partners has secured the backing of the True Impact Fund – an investment management company that shares this vision.  ProfitShare Partners is excited to announce that it will serve as the SME growth enabler for the True Impact Fund – an investment and advisory firm that specialises in Enterprise and Supplier Development (ESD) solutions for corporate South Africa. True Impact has committed to raise R100 million in funding for ProfitShare Partners over the next three years.
Xero partners with Absa, to provide small businesses with next generation financial management

Xero, the global small business platform, announced its integration with Absa, to provide small businesses with next generation financial management. By seamlessly integrating Xero’s cloud accounting platform with a direct bank feed, Absa’s customers who use Xero will be able to upload and access their financial information faster than ever before. 

Xero launches Xero Central a personalised, intuitive one-stop customer service portal

Article provided by Xero

Xero Central, now bolstered by My cases, taps into machine learning and world-class customer support to provide a more thoughtful and intuitive customer experience for Xero customers

Xero, the global small business platform, today unveiled the next step in providing world class customer experience with the full launch of Xero Central, bolstered by My cases – a one-stop resource and support for small businesses, accountants and bookkeepers.

Following its initial iteration, Xero Central now offers Xero customers a world-class support platform. The new My cases feature launching this week allows customers to engage securely with Xero’s support team, moving away from email-based correspondence. This will ensure businesses and advisors who use Xero daily can access an experience that is more personalised, intuitive, connected and beautiful.

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