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6 Tips from Retail Capital on how businesses can maximize Black November

At this point, the mere mention of "Black November" conjures images of a shopping extravaganza brimming with substantial savings for consumers. Over time, the emphasis on incredible deals, great bargains, and the occasional steal has only grown, placing businesses under pressure to either dive into the November shopping frenzy or potentially miss out on sales.

5 B2B marketing hacks for SMEs

Marketing to a business can be different from marketing to a consumer. For one, when dealing with a business, they will give a lot of thought to the consideration and final decision stages. This is because of the impact the decision will have on the business, the employees, the business’ work process, and revenue streams. Another point is if the B2B client chooses you as their supplier, it may be for a long time. You will need to assist with installing the solution and giving customer support for the life of the product in the client’s business. With these two points in mind, you can see why having great B2B marketing hacks is important to be successful. Here are five marketing hacks to consider.

How to check your ads with Adbot

Online advertising is the secret sauce of every small business owner’s marketing strategy. But for those who have ventured into the world of , the inner workings of this powerful platform can sometimes feel just as mysterious. How do you know if your ads are doing what they’re supposed to? In this article, we’ll dive into the nitty-gritty of how to make sure your Google Ads are running smoothly, with help from Adbot — our innovative, AI-powered advertising platform designed to simplify campaign management, so you can focus on running your business.

4 key ways to use AI for lead generation

Artificial intelligence (AI) is here to stay and if you want to become competitive in your industry you will need to learn how to use it to your advantage. For business, AI can take a lot of the schlep out of lead generation and leave your salespeople to work on building relationships while AI works on finding the leads. But how can you use AI to help with lead generation?

Here’s how to effectively build your online presence as a small business

The rate of digital adoption in South Africa has rapidly accelerated in recent years. Today, over 72% of the population uses the internet, which equates to an estimated 43.48 million internet users. With more of the local population adopting digital platforms for working, shopping and playing, small businesses have a golden opportunity to cash in by strengthening their online presence.

How Google Ads impact customer decision-making

Since the emergence of online advertising, such as Google Ads, the medium has undergone a remarkable transformation. But one thing remains — understanding the psychology behind customer behaviour is crucial to attracting their attention. In this article, we delve into the importance and advantages of Google Ads in capturing customers when they’re ready to buy, ultimately driving conversions and achieving business success without a Coca-Cola-esque budget.

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