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Nedbank Happiness Survey reveals what makes South Africans happy

According to the findings of the Nedbank Happiness Survey, which was undertaken at the end of 2023 by Nedbank in partnership with the Gordon Institute of Business Science (GIBS), South Africans generally feel happy and are flourishing.

Based on over 10,000 data points, the Happiness Survey, which is reportedly the largest study of its kind ever conducted in South Africa, delivered an average happiness score on the PERMA model of 4.15 out of 5.

The survey leveraged PERMA – a model that measures five essential components that contribute to human well-being and a sense of flourishing, namely positive emotions, engagement, relationships, meaning, and accomplishment.

While most participants (over 68%) were found to be ‘flourishing’ or ‘flourishing a lot’, the results also highlighted nuances across different dimensions and demographics.

The ETI scheme for youth employment

We are all aware that South Africa has a huge unemployment problem. Stats SA estimates that unemployment is at 31,9%—that’s almost a third of South Africans. Even worse, according to Stats SA, unemployment among the youth (between the ages of 15 and 34) is at a staggering 46,5%. Some reports suggest that real unemployment among the youth could be closer to 60%. These are depressing figures to read. Addressing the unemployment problem is a tremendous challenge that deserves urgent attention, especially given the tough economic climate in our country at the moment.

New SME survey results reveal upcoming national elections a deep concern for SA small business owners

The 2024 elections are set to be one of the most monumental and contested in South African history. Several shifts in the electoral arena; including the introduction of independent candidates to the voting roll, the unprecedented large number of political parties contesting the elections as well as the uncertain majority of the ruling party, have added to the national air of uncertainty. For small businesses across the country surveyed in the Q4 2023 SME Confidence Index, the social climate ahead of the May elections is cause for concern.

TikTok: the SME’s guide

TikTok is the newest social media platform on the block. This platform’s main demographic is 18 - 24 but other demographics have started to show interest since 2023. But should your business be interested in it? The short answer is yes, especially if Gen Z and Gen Alpha are your target audience. TikTok is a new social media platform, so it is not yet oversaturated by companies advertising their businesses like other social media platforms. Another point to consider is that your customers may be talking about your brand on TikTok already and you need to monitor it.

3 ways SME owners can cultivate a culture of human rights in their businesses

Human rights may well be the last thing on a stressed and busy entrepreneur’s mind, but there are surprising advantages in thinking about a business’ role in the free world’s governing doctrine. This is the opinion of Kgomotso Ramoenyane, Executive General Manager for Human Resources at Business Partners Limited.

Security compromise of the CIPC-business continuity

Many of you might have read in the media, that the CIPC experienced a security breach.

Without detracting from the seriousness of such incident, it’s important to mention that the CIPC is not the only organisation that has been subjected to such breach, and there has been a massive increase of cyber-attacks within South Africa and it would seem that as a jurisdiction, we are being targeted.

Breaching the security infrastructure of any organization, institution or agency is nothing more than a criminal act and perpetrators are criminals that should be portrayed as such. As a result of the criminal nature of the unlawful andmala fide breach of the CIPC security systems and protocols, the necessary steps will be taken to ensure that the guilty are held responsible for the crimes committed.

#BizTrends2024: Trends in the small business work landscape for 2024

Article written by Samantha Coom ( CEO and founder of The Social Craft)

In the ever-evolving work landscape for small businesses and entrepreneurs, as we propel into 2024, there is a profound transformation underway. The traditional boundaries between HR and technology, like most functions, are necessarily dissolving.

This is giving rise to an integrated ecosystem where people and technology fuse to create the future of work.

My work is at the intersection of both- people and technology and in this piece I am not narrowly predicting trends in either silo, however, this 2024 trend prediction piece goes beyond just HR and just technology; it foresees the birth of an industry—peopletech and the exciting innovation we can leverage as brands and businesses.

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