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Starting a Business

Are entrepreneurs born or made?

Article written by Allon Raiz

Many people who have business ideas feel in some way that they are not ready to take the plunge, and one of the most convenient excuses is that they feel that they “are not entrepreneurs”. But this doesn’t take away the business idea smouldering at the back of their minds. To try and resolve their dilemma, they start looking around for answers as to whether entrepreneurs are born or made. As a result, this is a question that gets asked of experts almost continuously.

Finance and governance: building blocks to start-up success

You’ve scoped the market, determined what you’d excel at it, and are ready to take the leap into creating your business and your starting point is the regulatory set-up in your country and business sector.

First, decide how big or how complex you want this business to be. There are various options for company legal structures but the most common is  a sole proprietor, if you intend on being a one-person business selling their time or labour or  a (Pty) Limited that may have multiple shareholders and offer different legal protections. This also hinges on whether this business will “die” with you, or whether you intend to create something that you can sell and create wealth for yourself and other shareholders.

Let’s build our businesses, the economy, and the future we all so badly desire

Article written by Harry Welby-Cooke (ActionCOACH)

In 2024, there will be 64 elections taking place across the globe. In South Africa, we will have ours on 29 May and, as per usual, businesses start freezing fiscal, operational and marketing decisions as the politicians start their campaign lobbying.

This is a situation that, in the South Africa of today, should not be our norm. The decade of State Capture followed by the upheaval of COVID-19, increased blackouts, the continued collapse of state-owned entities and infrastructure, the grey listing of South Africa and more have shown us that this election is unlikely to make significant changes to the situation that businesses are in.

4 ways to turn your business idea into a thriving business

Article by Ben Bierman (Managing Director at Business Partners Limited)

There are many different paths that entrepreneurs take to realise their dreams and fund a business idea. For some, the journey is a straight-forward trajectory from getting a business loan to selling the first product or service. For others, the journey to success takes many twists and turns, and necessitates an iteration – or even a pivot, to get the formula 100% right.

Although there are many tried-and-tested principles that entrepreneurs use to get ahead, these four methods are invaluable steps in the process to the success of a small and medium enterprise (SME):

How to select the ideal e-commerce business model

According to Statista Digital Market Outlook, the e-commerce market is set to grow over the next few years. The growth rate for the next four years (2021 - 2025) is predicted to be 16%. With more people made aware of the ease and convenience of online shopping, investing in an e-commerce business model may be the next big step your business takes. But how do you choose which business model to follow? Let’s look at three aspects which will determine which business model you will adopt.

Every plan a small business needs

Many people wing it when they start a business and then wonder why they are not growing or why they are sinking. One of the reasons is that running a small business takes hard work, some planning, and a little bit of magic. If you don’t have a plan for your business, you won’t know where you went wrong and could continue to do things which are detrimental to your business. Let us look at four plans which are important for your business.

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