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The Best Solutions for Small Business

Would your courier cross rivers for you? DPD did just that.

SA’s most dedicated courier braves Mdumbi River to deliver parcel

South African small businesses need everyday champions. We have seen the impact they have on hope and positivity, on customer service and experience, demonstrating that the current doesn’t always move in one direction. 

In a tale of remarkable commitment, Sixolile Nqeketo, 29, a DPD courier driver, crossed the Mdumbi River by personally renting a kayak, arriving drenched and breathless, to ensure a timely delivery for a Takealot customer.

Why reliable collection and payment is indispensable for SMMEs

Small and medium-sized enterprises (SMMEs) often navigate challenging waters. These enterprises are the backbone of our economy, driving growth, innovation, and job creation. However, they may face financial fluxes, making optimising every aspect of their operations essential. One such aspect that deserves attention is payment collection. 

Steven Maier, Chief Brand Officer at Amplifin, South Africa's leading collections and payments solutions provider, underscores the importance of reliable payment collection for SMMEs.

SMMEs to embrace partnerships and support network to thrive in current operating environment

As advisory service providers and risk mitigation experts, insurers are proving more and more vital in their clients’ entrepreneurial journeys.

For SMMEs, thriving is certainly not only about having the best product and service offerings for their market sector but is also dependent on the ability to navigate the complex challenges and red tape that can stand in the way of success. Currently, the top five challenges that SA SMMEs are up against are access to finance, regulatory compliance, limited market access, skills shortages and infrastructure constraints.

We see you. Your business matters. We’re here to help.

“Your business matters. And we’re here to help you.” These are the words of Jason Lombard, the CEO of DPD ZA, one of the  leading couriers, highlighted the pivotal role small businesses play in the South African economy. "We believe that these enterprises are the heartbeat of our nation, and empowering them can lead to a cascading effect, benefiting communities and the economy at large. We want to do our part to help them through a tough and dark period in our economy. It’s why we have partnered with the NSBC.”

We are the bridge to possible

Cisco is the worldwide leader in technology that powers the Internet. Cisco inspires new possibilities by reimagining your applications, securing your data, transforming your infrastructure, and empowering your teams for a global and inclusive future.

Cisco’s purpose is to “Power and Inclusive Future for All”. To help achieve our purpose, we act boldly and deliberately to drive fairness, inclusion for our people, and equitable access to opportunity for our global communities. An inclusive future helps ensure a sustainable and regenerative future for our planet.

Meet the new Amarok range extension

The Amarok business fleet

Introducing the new Amarok range: a ground-breaking fleet designed to cater to the ever-changing needs of your business. The new Amarok sets the standard with a range of vehicles perfectly engineered to tackle today’s dynamic business landscapes. Adaptability, power and versatility are all qualities essential to the success of both small businesses and commercial ventures. All of which are intrinsic to the Amarok business fleet. For the first time, the Amarok is presenting a range of unmatched models, surpassing its predecessors and catering to the versatility needed in your ever-changing day-to-day business. The latest Amarok range extension features the Amarok, Life and Style lines, alongside the off-road PanAmericana and the exclusively styled, Aventura. The range also includes the four-door pick-up Double Cab and, for markets outside Europe, a two-door Single Cab, proving its adaptability to the new world.

Santam launches digital insurance for micro township enterprises starting at R75

Santam has launched a digital insurance product for micro township enterprises, which will cost between R75 and R195 a month, providing these businesses with financial security and recovery in the event of a loss.

The product offers three cover options at different price points. The Starter solution is available at a monthly premium of R75, the Standard option costs R125 per month and the Premium solution is available at R195.

Vodacom Business turning problems into new possibilities

From climate change and energy issues to the rising cost to do business in Africa amidst skills shortages and disrupted supply chains, enterprises of every size are facing immense challenges right now. Vodacom Business knows that in the world of business, obstacles reign. As a techco that believes technology can empower enterprises to thrive, Vodacom Business is unveiling its new brand strategy that has been designed to help organisations turn these problems into possibilities, with the new tagline ‘Turn to Us’.

Eight trends that are shaping business communications in 2023

Article written David Meintjes (CEO of Telviva)

As businesses continue evolving to meet changing customer behaviour, the uptake and investment in cloud unified communications platforms and tools will continue to soar. Businesses are increasingly realising that they must meet customers at a time and digital channel of their choosing, which leads to increased adoption of fully-fledged omnichannel solutions.

This adoption augments two core strategies in most businesses, firstly in enhancing a customer intimacy strategy and extending the lifetime value of a customer, and secondly, in operational efficiency which enables greater automation and integration with underlying systems.

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