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Coffee Content – Under promise and over-deliver

Tamsin Oxford is the director of Coffee Content. She is a content consultant, copywriter, PR consultant and editor managing complex content requirements for local and international brands.

She started her business because the market was too sparse to take her in after the 2008 recession and her contract had run out. She then cut every contract, except her phone, and applied for every freelance job she could find, no matter how badly she was paid. Tamsin then worked and worked until her name became trusted and has continued to work on keeping that trust.

What she loves most about running her business is the freedom to explore new content, companies and people. She thinks it is an amazing job because she gets to meet new people all the time and has conversations with them about their roles, careers and passions. She finds every day to be a bit of an adventure.

One of the biggest lessons she has learnt on her business journey, and cautions against, is that it’s easy to over promise and under deliver, even after having years of experience under one’s belt. Tamsin does what she does because she is driven and finds it to be fun, interesting and challenging.

She believes that South Africa should support small businesses because they are the lifeblood of a growing economy. Tamsin says, “The meters of red tape, the endlessly complicated expectations, the terrible queues and complexities – all need to change. Government must stop, listen and do some cutting. It’s that simple. Make it easier for people to do business, and they’ll do the business! And that business will translate to GDP, employment and community.”

Coffee Content is a proud Member of the NSBC.

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