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Commercial vehicle conversions and all you need to know to make them work for your business

Article provided by Volkswagen

Conversions for special functions and requirements

Upon purchase, specialised business vehicles usually require modifications and equipment tailored to their commercial functions. In addition, extra-special boarding equipment, comfort features and operating capabilities can be added to different types of vehicles for leisure and business purposes, or for passengers with disabilities and particular accessibility needs.

After purchasing your specific model, vehicle conversions can be performed by a trusted third party, while manufacturers like Volkswagen South Africa offer the option of buying ready-converted commercial vehicles via their Van Centres and Light Commercial Vehicle dealers.

Because of how well vehicle conversions have developed over the course of history, building the perfect transport solution for your business could be easier than you think.

Types of vehicles that can be converted

Some of the most well-known vehicle conversions involve adapting cars into mobile workshops fitted with special equipment for technicians working on the move. Such modifications are common on vehicles for telecommunications business, and other professions with technicians of different disciplines. Most, if not all Volkswagen commercial vehicle models are well-equipped for several mobile workshop conversions.

Other common conversions include the creation of mobile clinics, various services-on-wheels, mobile ATMs, and transforming vans (such as the Crafter 50, Transporter 6.1 and Caddy Cargo) into campervans, which are essentially houses on wheels.

Generally, there are few rules and limitations for what can and cannot be added to your commercial vehicle to make it better suited for your business activities.

 The Volkswagen Transporter is a legend in campervan circles…

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Vehicle conversions for your business

When it comes to converting vehicles for your business, converters may install speciality equipment or tailor the specs of a commercial vehicle to your exact requirements. Browse the section below for three popular commercial vehicle conversions and the specific business needs they cater to.

Medical vehicles

Ambulances and mobile clinics save lives every day. Various sizes and types are selected or designed with careful considerations of the speed and performance they’ll require, as well as the environment they’ll be used in. Ambulance conversions involve the installation of all medical equipment, and specific client requirements like adding a factory-fitted second battery to power extra equipment in the ambulance.

Mobile clinics are especially important in helping bring essential medical services to citizens in hard-to-reach areas. Most conversions of this type usually favour tougher and ultra-spacious models like the Volkswagen Crafter 35 and Crafter 50.

Street food, mobile cafes and coffee vans

Vehicles in the mobile food industry include food trailers and a variety of vehicles fitted with sinks, counter tops, coffee machines, food-prep and storage equipment.

Funeral cars

The term “funeral cars” includes first call vehicles, hearses, mortuary vans and cars for transporting family members and funeral attendees. While some funeral homes will only have hearses, others have additional models to alleviate the hearse’s workload; helping reduce wear and tear.

Funeral car conversions may involve the remodelling of panel vans or people movers (like Transporter or Caddy Kombi) into hearses. In such cases, some of the vehicle’s seats are removed and replaced with removable floors that can transport caskets and other funeral-related items.

In addition to these examples, commercial vehicle conversions can be found in mining, security, wellness, construction and in almost any industry; and have become extra significant due to the advent of mobile offerings and services. The process of tailoring a unique commercial transport solution puts the power of customization in entrepreneurs’ hands and requires focused thinking around the needs of each buyer’s business.

Business vehicle conversions and the South African market

South Africa is a country like no other. With a rapidly changing society that is accompanied by new realities and fresh opportunities at every turn, it takes a special breed of entrepreneur to thrive in our economy. As self-employed locals continue their journey towards fulfilling ambitions and financial freedom; choosing reliable, adaptable, tailored transport solutions is a crucial factor in driving their business objectives forward.

October Transport Month

If you found this article helpful, be sure to catch our next Commercial Vehicles feature next month.

With October being Transport Month in South Africa, we’ll look at how commercial vehicles contribute to our economy, and celebrate the spirit of the people who drive our country forward.

Whether you’re moving people, machinery or the unique equipment that drives your business forward; every Volkswagen commercial vehicle you choose can and will be designed with your unique business needs in mind.

Find out more about how we can help support your business’ journey here.

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