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Credit insurance solution for a small, medium & micro enterprise

Coface supports your company’s commercial development with a new credit insurance product
designed for Small, Medium & Micro Enterprises.

EasyLiner is an insurance package to protect you against unpaid invoices at home or abroad. The
package includes three essential elements to ensure effective management of the credit you grant
to your customers.

Easyliner offers you

  • Information and advice to avoid trading with poor payers
  • The collection of unpaid invoices
  • Indemnification should collection take too long

This all-inclusive unique offer is made available for less than 1% of your sales on credit, depending
on your profile and option selected.

How your company benefits

  • Financing Support – You become more reliable: with EasyLiner, your invoices are backed by our insurance and in the eyes of your financial partners.
  • Operational Efficiency – Insuring against unpaid invoices has become a best practice amongst the most successful SMME’s.
  • Peace of Mind – The complete package of risk monitoring, collection of unpaid invoices and ultimately indemnification brings your company a high level of safety.
  • Business Development – Backed by EasyLiner, you will be able to grant more credit to more clients, at home or abroad, and as a result grow your business safely.


A product that makes credit insurance accessible to all:

  • One contract with embedded modularity and with simplified wording
  • Budget visibility:
    * All inclusive price including premium, collection fees, and enquiry fees
    * No limits charge up to an agreed usage level
  • Simplified prevention adapted to your needs:
    * combining protection against risk of both domestic and export sales
    * with an indemnity up to 85% with a fast and simple claims process
  • An added value service :
    * with effective credit control procedures for your business

Additional service such as collection of uninsured invoices – 3 matters

Simplified sales process

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