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Deschan Marketing and Promotions: boosting small businesses through creativity

Article provided by Deschan Marketing and Promotions

Chanre Williams is the owner and marketing consultant at Deschan Marketing and Promotions. They are a digital marketing agency that specialises in social media marketing, website design, and branding.

She started this business because she had a passion for marketing and had always dreamed of starting her own business. Through this business, she hopes to provide a marketing advantage to new and developing business enterprises so that they gain brand recognition, customer loyalty and continued growth to strengthen South Africa’s economy.

“Small businesses are the backbone of South Africa. Each business owner is able to sustain not only their own family but other families too through their ability to create jobs. The more we encourage and support small businesses the more of a difference we are making to the landscape of our economy. Thus, building self-reliant income generators in the form of small businesses” says Chanre Williams.

The aspect which Chanre loves about running her business is the creativity that she gets to experience and the different people she is fortunate to meet. She gets to help business owners while also gaining insight and knowledge from them too.

The lessons which she has learnt in business are to be trustworthy person and that the team she surrounds herself with should share her values. “When there is synergy between you and your team then the business comes together and you can grow” says Chanre. Being a Christian has helped Chanre to push through during tough times and God has been faithful in the survival and growth of her business.

Another driving force behind Deschan Marketing and Promotions is that Chanre feels that it is the small business owner who will give South Africa’s economy the boost it needs. She further states “It is up to all of us as combined individuals who can make a difference by growing our businesses and creating job opportunities.”

Thank you for sharing with us about your business and we hope Deschan Marketing and Promotions grows from strength to strength.

Deschan Marketing and Promotions is a proud Member of the NSBC

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