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Do you have the best-in-class tech and tech services in South Africa?


Article provided by Incredible Connection

As Incredible Connection, our ambition is to provide the best-in-class Tech and Tech Services to all South Africans. We strive not only to meet our customer’s needs with the latest and greatest innovations across all Tech but to also anticipate the needs of our customers and ensure that we offer the most valuable and friendly support through our in-store Tech Service support.

With over 70 stores nationwide Incredible Connection prides ourselves on convenience, our widest range of Tech Brands, on our ability to support Small Medium Enterprises.

We understand that one of the biggest challenges for SME’s in this ever-changing world around us is not having enough support and partners to assist with their individual needs. Be it technical assistance or payment options, Incredible Connection continues to strive to ensure our SME customers have a place to go to get all your Tech needs taken care of by our friendly Tech Xperts.

Our unique offering as Incredible Connection comprises of the widest range of devices with leading brands like HP, Dell, Apple, Lenovo, Acer and so many more. You have the choice of affordable laptops and our custom Home of Modern Smart Computing offers. These Modern devices have been carefully selected on the criteria of Performance, Design, and Experience. In a Modern device, you are guaranteed Performance that delivers, Design for style and agility and Experience for seamless integration.

When it comes to a one-stop-shop for all things Tech, Incredible Connection offers the ultimate range of Tech Accessories and Tech Software. Take advantage of the most stylish laptop bags, and work to your peak with the best of the best in PC accessories. In our Tech Accessories, you can shop for affordable add-ons or the most premium design and sleek keyboards, headsets.

For an SME, seeking technical support or assistance needs to be a seamless experience. Each of our stores is kitted with a full set up of our Tech Xperts station. Here, you get access to a team of experts that could help you with everything software and hardware related. These services such as backing up hard drives, scanning for viruses, software installation, and device diagnosis can be done while you wait, using our complimentary in-store wifi while charging your phone. 

We also offer all-in-one networking and connectivity solutions. Our range of routers, mobile routers, Wifi points, and extenders that will keep you connected all day long.

Need to kit out a new office? We’ve got you covered with a custom quality range of office equipment including Printers and consumables, telephones, office chairs, and furniture.

When it comes to the bottom line, nothing can be more important to an SME. And in today’s market, this has become increasingly a concern. For this reason, when it comes to payment options, we offer a variety of solutions that give SME’s flexibility to meet their individual needs without compromising your and your team’s productivity. We offer Incredible Connection Credit options with up to 36 months to pay, lay-by, and being one of the leading Tech retailers, we offer monthly attractive promotional deals that an SME can benefit from. Also, we offer device Trade-in where you can bring in a used device, and get an in-store voucher to its value for you to purchase a new device.

Incredible Connection is committed to bringing world-class innovation in all things Tech to all SME’s with accessibility and offers comprehensive Tech support to see you through as you build your business and your needs evolve. We invite you to explore our range, pick your customized offer, and let us share you and your business journey with all your Tech needs.

Discover our Incredible Tech and our Incredible Service.

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