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Does sustainability matter to you? Is it a path to a better future for South Africa?

The pressing need to reduce carbon emissions has never been more evident. Our planet faces unprecedented challenges, with rising temperatures, severe storms, increased rainfall, flooding, landslides, and droughts wreaking havoc on lives and infrastructure. Addressing these issues may seem overwhelming individually, but by working together and making responsible choices in our lifestyles and business operations, we can slow climate change and protect our environment.

At DPD ZA, a GeoPost parcel delivery business in South Africa, we are deeply committed to mitigating our impact on the environment. Although transitioning our entire vehicle fleet to electric alternatives remains a challenge, we closely monitor advancements in this field. We draw inspiration from GeoPost’s remarkable achievement as the first global delivery company to have both its short and long-term CO2 emissions reduction targets approved by the Science Based Targets initiative (SBTi).

GeoPost’s ambitious plan to achieve net-zero emissions by 2040 sets a clear course for becoming the global benchmark in sustainable delivery. While some sustainable transport options, like electric vehicles, are not yet feasible in South Africa, our global operations are diversifying their fleets by incorporating alternative powertrain technologies such as biogas, biofuels, electric, and hydrogen-powered trucks. Additionally, we are actively transitioning more of our parcel transport to rail transport options.

In South Africa, we have already initiated several sustainability measures. One key step involves transitioning to renewable energy to power our logistics sites and offices, aligning with our global target of sourcing 70% of our energy from renewable sources by 2030.

We’ve also begun with the basics by implementing a smart system to enhance our first-time, on-time delivery performance. This not only benefits our customers but also reduces fuel consumption and time wasted on unsuccessful deliveries. We’ve streamlined our waybills and shifted 80% of our paper-based proof of delivery documents to digital “sign on glass” technology, reducing both paper consumption and associated costs.

Our commitment extends to innovative strategies tailored to local contexts. We collaborate with a trusted fleet management company to collect data on vehicle fuel consumption, enabling us to identify and address environmentally harmful practices like aggressive driving and excessive idling. Through driver training, we promote efficient driving, contributing to improved safety on the road.

Our fleet management system calculates the total CO2 emissions of our fleet. In partnership with Credible Carbon, a South African carbon registry facilitating access to the global carbon market, we invest in local carbon offset projects. Each month, DPD ZA purchases carbon offset credits equivalent to 3.75 tonnes of carbon emissions, funding projects in Khayelitsha, Uitenhage, Stellenbosch, and Hermanus. These projects not only reduce carbon but also uplift disadvantaged communities by enhancing their land and livelihoods.

Our commitment to environmental and social responsibility extends beyond carbon offset initiatives. We engage in various charity events, utilizing our distribution services to support charities such as the SPCA, the Reach for a Dream Foundation, and local schools. Moreover, we collaborate with a network of owner-drivers for over half of our deliveries, fostering small business growth and empowering emerging entrepreneurs across South Africa.

As a responsible business, both locally and globally, we firmly believe that reducing our environmental impact is not just a choice but an imperative. While we have already implemented significant changes in our business practices, we acknowledge that much work remains. We remain resolute in our journey towards becoming an integral part of the global group’s mission to achieve net-zero emissions goals.

For more information on how we are contributing to sustainability and how we can assist your business in doing the same, please visit our Contact Us page.

Ready to join us in the pursuit of sustainability? Open an Account with DPD ZA today and be part of a brighter, more sustainable future.

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