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Don’t be scared of the dark

Article by Gavin Sharples

In a ‘normal’ world (pre- and post-isolation), if you want to see success in action all you need to do is be outside of your house at 4:30 am. You would have seen or will see, (if you wait a while) the successful people running, walking, cycling, driving to the gym, or on their way to the office with a dream or goal and a to-do list. You see successful people, really successful people, are grinding away in the dark while other people are literally dreaming.

So many people complain that they do not have enough hours in the day, but successful people know that we all have exactly the same amount of time; they just make sure that they use more of it. And if that time happens to be before the sun rises, then that is where and when they are going to build their success.

They are not solar-powered. They are powered by a deep passion and determination to provide for their families; to make something of their lives; to lose the weight and get into shape or just to get a jumpstart on the paperwork before their colleagues drag themselves in at 8:00. 

You will also notice something else, how few people there are out there at that time.  Isn’t it funny how only 2% of people really achieve their goals and their dreams, and that’s exactly the same percentage that not only are awake earlier, but they go to sleep later.

The application

  1. Join the 4:30 Success Club.  Too early?  Join the 5:00 am Club. It’s easy, just set your alarm clock and force yourself to get up and do what needs doing.
  2. This is probably going to mean that you may have to go to bed a little earlier the night before. It just means less television, social media, internet, YouTube or gaming.
  3. Instead of sitting and watching other people live their lives by watching them on television or social media, perhaps you should start living yours. Putting in the hours. Working, studying, training right up until bedtime.  That’s what real men do.  That’s what successful women do.
  4. Later at night or very early in the morning, in the dark, there will be no one to motivate you, to cheer you on, to accept your excuses. No one will see how many hours you put in, how many reps you do – it’ll just be you and the books, or the road, or the dumbbells.
  5. These moments and the skills you develop on your own, will find a place to shine in the light. Everyone will be surprised and wonder how you came to be so good and how you found the time. No one can take away that which you have built in the dark. I hope this light of inspiration has moved your inner Batman.
  6. I know for a fact that successful people are still building their careers, families, minds and bodies out of sight of others whilst in isolation. They just have a different timetable and the geography may have changed. The mindset never does.

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