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DynaFoam Converters – meeting all your foam needs

Article provided by DynaFoam

DynaFoam Converters. The company that offers and delivers quality pressed foam components that meet the required specifications for South African and global markets.

In 2012, Steven Riley took the prior knowledge of the industry he had been involved in and saw some opportunities in the market. Using passion and two home loans he opened his business, DynaFoam Converters. Steven was motivated by recognition for a good product, service and price.

As far as marketing tools go, the company uses Google Analytics, a website plus a little social media to promote the brand. The website is well designed with clean lines and muted tones. It is easy to navigate and simple to understand. Given more resources, the company would want more access to connectivity and see an increase in digital transformation. Being ever mindful of their environment, the company wants an improvement of waste management through the use of more environmentally friendly materials. Steven believes people wanting to start their own business should have passion and perseverance to create success.

The company’s values include integrity in all dealings, innovation in action, responding to the needs of others, and being compliant in all aspects. They run a friendly, service-based company with a validated product. Steven’s own personal motto is “Do unto others as you would want done to yourself.” Steven’s leadership style is relaxed and inclusive and while he has a system in place for the recruitment of staff, he relies mainly on word of mouth and track record.

In 2018/2019 DynaFoam Converters was named “Business of the Year” by ROCCI Chamber of Commerce and Industry. More recently, in 2019, the company made it into the Top 20 at the South African Small Business Awards. The company is fully compliant and enjoys a Level 2 BBBEE certification. DynaFoam Converters has a SHEQ national certificate for quality as well as an environmental certificate from SHEQ.

Steven’s life is balanced and while he enjoys his work, he has a fulfilling family life, and enjoys hobbies such as stand up paddling, surfing, and has good mates with which he can relax over a bottle of wine with once a week.

What is Steven’s favourite motivational quote?

‘Successful leaders have the ability to choose the right people to get the job done and the self-restraint to not get involved while they are doing it.’ – Franklin Roosevelt.

It sounds like Dynafoam Converters is following this recipe for success to a “t”.

DynaFoam Converters provide foam products that are used in the automotive industry, such as the components in heating, ventilation, air-conditioning, sound insulation in door panels, foam backing of headliners, and dashboard components. They create customised packaging systems, such as inserts to suit packaging specifications. They can provide expanded polyethylene, route profile, which is a very accurate form of packaging made to exact specifications as well as dunnage packaging which is used to protect goods in transit. The foam is heat resistant with good insulation properties and has been used in fields such as construction, and marine-related applications due to its floatation properties.

The company uses various machines that can be applied to various processes such as kiss and cross cutting, die cutting, profile cutting, strip cutting and numerous others. They are pursuing export opportunities.

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DynaFoam is a proud Member of the NSBC

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