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Eezipay – Improving lives through technology

Leanne Dorrington, Managing Director of Eezipay Management System says that it was established in 2000, which makes them an industry leader in cashless environments and technology solutions for Schools and University campuses as well as for businesses in the corporate and community spectrum. Eezipay is proudly South African and is registered as a Third-Party Payment Processor (TPPP) under the auspices of the Payments Association of South Africa (PASA).

Eezipay develops and owns all of their own software which allows them to customise their solutions to suit each client’s specific requirements. Leanne says that their centralised system and integrated modules create an end-to-end solution which gives their clients a single point of contact and fully integrated reporting, which is available online in real time. She believes this to be what sets them apart from their competitors. They are also fully integrated with (and backed by) ABSA and SBSA, and have also
integrated with payment gateway providers to offer real time money transfers and digital and virtual payment methods.

Leanne shares how Eezipay’s founders, Chris Dorrington and Theo Meij, were a little ahead of their time as they joined forces to attempt to disrupt the banking industry and to create cashless environments in 2000, which has only become a reality over the last few years in the open market. She says that they recognised a need in the market for integrated technology driven business solutions, at an early stage, which would lead to simplified and cashless operations for businesses in multiple industries.

What Leanne finds tremendously exciting and loves most about the work that she does is being able to work in an industry with cutting edge technology that is constantly advancing. She finds it satisfying to learn about or identify pain points which their clients are struggling with and to be able to build them a solution, or offer any of their existing solutions, in order to assist them.

One of the biggest lessons Leanne has learnt on her business journey is that their staff are the back bone of the business. She has found that her efforts are best spent working with her team in a professional yet internally motivated way to ensure that they all share the vision and therefore thrive together.

When Leanne was asked what her ‘Why?’ is she shared how the family business element is what started her in this business, as founder – Chris Dorrington is her father. However, she says that her ‘Why?’ has changed over the past 15 years. Her immediate family are her inspiration, but the families of all the people who depend on Eezipay for their livelihoods are the real motivation. She says, “There is no better reward than seeing the lives of your employees and their families improve, and watching them achieve their personal goals – knowing that we are their safety net.”

Leanne believes that South Africa has an incredible network of small businesses who offer a vast array of services. She explains how the COVID pandemic saw many SMMEs being forced to close their doors which meant a substantial spike in the unemployment rate in SA. She goes on to say that Pre-COVID, small businesses generated more than a quarter of total turnover in business services, trade and community, social and personal services.

She says, “We need to support our small businesses to ensure job creation, a boost in the South African economy and a rise in our overall global footprint in commerce and industry.”

When Leanne was asked about her experience as a member she said that the NSBC sales and implementation team have been thorough and professional in their approach to assisting Eezipay Management Systems with their online exhibit, their published articles on The Small Business Site and now with this further marketing opportunity through the Small Business Friday website. She experienced a few difficulties with their exhibition set-up but the NSBC was quick to respond in assisting them where possible. She has found that making use of the NSBC platforms has assisted Eezipay in reaching their target audience in the small business arena throughout South Africa. By showcasing their products and solutions through the NSBC exhibition, Eezipay has gained traction and has been provided with the opportunity to promote their brand and be recognised as a progressive and competitive entity within the market.

Eezipay is a proud Member of the NSBC.

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