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Efficiency: mastering parcel packaging for operational excellence

In our commitment to ensuring every parcel travels through our network with the utmost care, we place great emphasis on the critical role of proper packaging. Packaging isn’t just about protecting your goods; it’s also about ensuring your business runs efficiently, reducing costs, minimising hassles, preventing breakages, and averting customer complaints. At DPD ZA, we’re here to help you master the art of packaging for operational excellence.

The foundation of effective packing

Before embarking on the packing journey, it’s crucial to verify that the items you intend to send aren’t on the prohibited or restricted items list in the country of origin or destination. For detailed information, refer to the prohibited items list.

The packaging material you choose must be robust enough to support the weight of your parcel’s contents. Additionally, if you plan to send more than one parcel, avoid sticking or bundling them together. Instead, package them separately and provide a parcel label for each one.

Outer packaging: choose wisely

For optimal protection of your parcels, consider using boxes specially designed for shipping goods. These boxes are sturdier and offer the best safeguard for your parcel’s contents. If you decide to reuse a box, ensure it’s in pristine condition. Cardboard boxes, once damaged, become weaker and less reliable.

If you opt for a flyer bag, keep in mind that these are primarily designed for carriage, not protection. Therefore, it’s essential to cushion and wrap the items inside the flyer bag with suitable material to prevent damage during transit.

Inner packaging: fill the gaps

Is your box larger than the item you’re shipping? To prevent items from shifting during transit, always fill the empty spaces around the item entirely. For lighter goods, use soft filling materials, while heavier items may require stronger fillers. This meticulous approach ensures proper protection and minimises the risk of damage.

Shipping multiple items in a single package? Each item should be individually wrapped within the parcel, with suitable filler material filling any gaps. It’s crucial to avoid items touching each other or coming into direct contact with the outer packaging. As a rule of thumb, if you can hear or feel the contents moving inside, it’s an indication that they aren’t adequately packed.

Recipient’s address: clarity matters

Ensure that address details on your parcels are clear and visible. Securely attach the waybill document to your parcel for a hassle-free delivery process. Don’t forget to remove all old labels from the outer packaging to avoid any confusion during transit.

Maximum dimensions and weight: stay within limits

Handling oversized and overweight items can lead to delays and potential damage to your parcels or those of others in our network. To maintain efficiency and prevent issues, we’ve established some limitations.

Our preferred parcel weight is <30kg, with a maximum length of 80cm. There are exceptions, such as accommodating heavier items (<60kg) through our domestic Terminal to Terminal service, as well as in our International Airfreight and Cross-border Road Freight offerings.

Volumetric weight: understanding the calculation

The volumetric weight is a critical calculation that determines the space a parcel occupies in the aircraft or vehicle. Given that space is often a limiting factor, our charges are calculated based on the greater value between volumetric weight and actual weight.

You can calculate the volumetric weight as follows:

•           Volumetric Weight (kg) = Length (cm) x Width (cm) x Height (cm) / 5000

By mastering the art of efficient packaging, you not only protect your goods but also enhance your operational efficiency. At DPD ZA, we’re dedicated to supporting your business in every way possible.

For more information on how we can help streamline your operations and ensure the safety of your deliveries, please visit our Contact Us page or explore our FAQs.

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