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Elenjical Solutions – take those small steps towards your big dreams

Elenjical Solutions is a Sandton-based specialist capital markets and risk technology advisory. They provide functional and technical consulting services throughout the life cycle of capital markets technology implementations. Leveraging their expertise in financial markets, they bring a systematic approach to system review and platforming, emphasising technologies that are fit for purpose and future proof.

Like many entrepreneurs, Tinu Elenjical says that becoming one was a combination of coincidence, necessity, and an underlying belief that he could create a company that would be as good as any in the international field he was targeting. And yet, he also wanted it to be sensitive to the needs of the South African markets. He was also youthful enough not to appreciate the risks he was taking and optimistic enough to do it anyways. Tinu says it took bravery to leave a well-paying job working for a large UK-based IT consultancy, but once he committed to the move, the only direction he looked – and still looks – is to the future.

What Tinu loves most about running his business is that he works with many brilliant people from different cultural backgrounds, which is enhanced by the company culture of supporting each other and sharing their knowledge.

He says that it was hard to establish Elenjical Solutions as a credible alternative to the established large European competitors when they started out. But one of the biggest lessons he learnt was that by starting small and building client confidence in their abilities, over time and with patience even the biggest banking and finance houses came to appreciate their skills.

Despite the pressure on their clients and the challenging financial climate, Elenjical Solutions aims to help their clients to maintain overall profitability margins by delivering more value. Even though a large swathe of economic activity has been paralyzed during the pandemic, Tinu says that their clients still need to maintain services and that’s where Elenjelical Solutions have stepped in. COVID-19 has taught them the importance of great client service during challenging times and by knowing that they are helping to ease those pressures, by providing greater certainty and cost efficient services, helps them get through these challenging times too.

Tinu grew up in a small town called Kokstad, on the border of KwaZulu Natal and Eastern Cape, where his parents worked as teachers in rural Eastern Cape. This upbringing underscored his desire to support grass-root businesses and local communities, not just during the economic fallout of COVID-19, but before and beyond. He believes that supporting small businesses in South Africa is in our DNA and we all have a part to play in supporting and growing a thriving economy in the region.

Elenjical Solutions was selected as one of the Top 20 Winners at the 2020 South African Small Business Awards.

When asked about his experience as a Member of the NSBC, Tinu states

We have not been members for very long but already our experiences of membership of the NSBC have been very positive. It has not only helped raise our profile through heightened media exposure, but also the ability to tap into the deep resources of the NSBC is proving especially valuable. The ability to connect with like-minded SME’s among the organization’s 141,000 members will, over time, also deliver real business benefits.

Elenjical Solutions is a proud Member of the NSBC.

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