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Embracing digital transformation with Volt Africa

Article written by Aaliyah Rahman (Volt Africa)

It’s 2021, and we stand on the brink of a technological revolution. Bringing a world of technological changes, the fourth industrial revolution has brought together and merged various technologies between the physical and digital world that not only affect larger corporations but SME’s too.

The fusion of technologies such as automation, artificial intelligence (AI), big data and sensor technology has brought about a new age and drastic changes for many small businesses. While bigger corporations embrace these changes and ride the fourth industrial revolution wave, our small enterprises face the difficulty of going digital.

As South Africa continues to make its economic recovery, now more than ever, is it crucial for SME’s to implement these digital technologies into their marketing strategies to bring value and awareness to their businesses.

An opportunity for SME’s

Over the recent years, SME’s have played a crucial role in the growth of the country’s economic development. While they previously may not have been considered as a critical element in its economic development, the support and investments it receives from promising initiatives have allowed SME’s to grow and sustain themselves in emerging markets.

While larger companies may offer more benefits and perks, SME’s offer stability and creativity that fuel economic growth. By playing such an essential role in job creation, poverty alleviation, and revenue generation, it’s clear that small businesses are at the starting point of economic development towards industrialisation. All that’s left to do is adapt and strengthen its digital strategy, and who better than us to do it for you?

Embrace and adapt digitally

As a B2B digitally integrated service provider, we offer complete digital solutions that assist businesses in reaching their advertising and marketing goals. Since every business’s digital journey is different, we create and develop unique strategic approaches best suited to your niche market. We take building and growing your brand seriously with in-house experts in digital marketing, web development, advertising, content, and graphic design.

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