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Empowering South African SMEs: Altvest Credit Opportunities Fund’s commitment to growth and development

At Altvest Credit Opportunities Fund (ACOF), our mission is to empower South African businesses by providing them with the growth capital they need to expand, create jobs, and stimulate economic development. As a leading private equity firm, we specialize in offering smart funding solutions tailored to the unique needs of small and medium enterprises (SMEs). Our latest strategic partnership with Tang Hospitality Group showcases how targeted investment can drive significant business growth and international success.

Fuelling global expansion: The Tang Hospitality Group partnership

We are thrilled to announce a strategic partnership with Tang Hospitality Group, awarding significant growth capital and corporate advisory services to support their ambitious global expansion. This partnership marks a major milestone for Tang, enabling them to open a new flagship location in Dubai later this year.

Founded by visionary CEO, Nicky Van Der Walt, Tang Hospitality Group has garnered international acclaim for its unique South African spin on Pan-Asian cuisine, delivered with the highest standards of luxury and sophistication. From its inception in Johannesburg in 2021 to its expansion to Cape Town in 2022, Tang has quickly become a celebrated name in the culinary world. Our growth capital has empowered Tang to accelerate its expansion into Dubai, setting the stage for further international growth.

“There is a growing international appetite for South African flair and savvy. Our cuisine, combined with the luxurious ‘je ne sais quoi’ of Tang, resonates with global tastes. This strategic partnership with ACOF will not only allow us to bring our unique dining experience to Dubai but also sets the stage for further international expansion,” said Nicky Van Der Walt, CEO of Tang Hospitality Group.

Impacting the South African economy

At ACOF, we are committed to identifying and supporting South African entrepreneurs and businesses that demonstrate exceptional potential for growth and global impact. To date, ACOF has disbursed R82 million in loans to 13 different SMEs, saving 178 jobs and creating 182 new jobs in the process. Our funding solutions enable these businesses to thrive, expand, and export world-class products, services, and experiences.

“Our investment in Tang Hospitality Group highlights what ACOF strives to achieve in the South African business market. We aim to provide growth capital to promising businesses, helping them to flourish and extend their reach globally. The transfer of South African skills and expertise into Dubai is just the beginning of what we foresee as a remarkable journey of growth and international success for Tang Hospitality Group,” commented Warren Wheatley, Founder and CEO of ACOF.

Empowering communities and stimulating employment

The strategic partnership between ACOF and Tang Hospitality Group not only propels Tang to new heights but also sets a precedent for other South African brands to follow suit. By empowering Tang, ACOF is expanding its footprint and positioning itself as the economic driver behind international success stories for South African entrepreneurs and SMEs.

“We are proud to be catalysts of women empowerment by offering women-owned and led businesses funding at incentivized rates. It’s inspiring to see a South African brand be recognized on an international stage, and it’s thrilling to watch how the funding has empowered Tang’s South African employees to advance in their careers through their involvement in setting up the new restaurant in Dubai,” said Tatum Wheatley, Executive Director of ACOF.

“Our partnership with ACOF is a true meeting of minds. With Tang serving as the finessed vehicle and ACOF providing the jet fuel, we are ready to catalyze international growth and further success,” added Lee-Ann Van Der Walt, Co-Founder of Tang Hospitality Group. “This collaboration not only propels Tang to new heights but also sets a precedent for other South African brands to follow suit.”

Call to action

If you are an SME looking to explore funding and growth capital to empower your business, we would love to hear from you. At ACOF, we believe in the power of strategic partnerships to transform businesses and drive economic growth. Together, we can help your business achieve its full potential and make a positive impact on the South African economy.

Visit or email us at to learn more about how we can support your business growth.

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