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Finalising your import deal with China

Article provided by China Homelife Fair and China Machinex

You’ve found the right Chinese supplier, you’ve sourced products for your business at the right price and according to your specifications, and you’ve received pre-production samples. Now, it’s time to close the deal and get the products back to South Africa. The process doesn’t end here.

Here are a few handy tips to help you along the final stretch:

Step 1: Check in with the factory and the supplier to find out how production is going. It’s important to run a tight ship when it comes to the final stages of your order. Check up on the material used for the products and the equipment used to make the products etc.

Step 2: Check all is on track with your shipping agent. Make sure all the necessary documentation is ready or has been processed.

Step 3: Go back through all the historical transactions, particularly on requirements discussed at the beginning of the agreement. Make sure that all that was agreed upon, has come to fruition, if not, follow up with your agent and supplier.

Step 4: Keep the lines of communication open. Don’t expect that because production is in the hands of the supplier, all will run smoothly from there. Keep in constant contact with your supplier to ensure efficiency and the success of your order.

Step 5: Don’t make it a rush job. At the beginning of the project, allow some leeway for delays in production and shipping. Each order is unique, some may be exceptionally timeous, other orders may take a little bit of extra time.

Step 6: When the time comes to pack your order, ensure to give your supplier a detailed description as to how you would like the products packed. It is not wise to assume that they will pack it the way you like. Have this discussion with them whilst the products are still in production.

Step 7: The products have been packed, you have finalised all the details with your shipping agent. This is an important part of the final process. Make sure the products have left the factory.  You must also make sure that they have been loaded onto the container, and that all the necessary documentation is ready and any outstanding payments have been made in order to receive your products when they arrive in the country.

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