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FJ Flavour Factory – Collaboration makes us stronger together

Meet the Absa Small Business Friday featured Small Business of the week – FJ Flavour Factory.

Fiona Anderson and her partner began FJ Flavour Factory in July 2018. They are a food manufacturer that focus on making spices, flavours, and nuts. They also sell herbs and spices. Furthermore, they see themselves as a solutions partner and facilitate the development, manufacturing, printing and packaging for various clients from feeding schemes to retail stores.

Fiona wanted to run her own business as she is driven and found working for someone else restrictive.  She loves everything about business but if she had to choose she enjoys the creativity of development and the structure of month-end processing.

Fiona’s driving force behind her business is her desire to make South Africa a better-tasting place. Making these beautiful flavours not only makes for great meals but also creates an opportunity for small businesses to be backed by a business which is focused on quality and excellent customer service.

The biggest lesson she has learnt in business is managing your cash flow. This is a crucial element to having a successful business and when businesses don’t focus on cash flow, they could end up in some hot water.

By supporting small businesses, we empower one another. South Africa has the skills and means to sustain itself. We need to grow together. Let’s not be scared to work with others and take opportunities to collaborate. One factor which has contributed to FJ Flavour Factory’s growth is a collaboration which has made us stronger together. Let’s build the best up in each other and build a strong beautiful South Africa.

– Fiona Anderson

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