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Food Sock Meals – Sustaining the nation

Meet the Absa Small Business Friday featured Small Business of the week – Food Sock Meals.

In the face of escalating poverty and hunger in South Africa, one innovative solution is making waves – the Food Sock Meals. Born out of the vision of Carl van Blerk, a George local who saw the growing need for an affordable, convenient, and nutritional meal solution, Food Sock Meals is more than just a meal—it’s a revolution in addressing food scarcity and malnutrition.

Entrepreneurship, especially in a world grappling with global crises, presents numerous formidable challenges. Carl Van Blerk’s journey was marked by the necessity to chart a new career path—one that aligned with his personal aspirations and the desire to leave a lasting legacy. However, he faced a significant hurdle: the absence of capital to kickstart this endeavour.

In this predicament, he swiftly recognized that surrendering and retreating were not viable options. Instead, he embraced the belief that a positive mindset and the unwavering determination to transform obstacles into opportunities could make anything achievable. Remarkably, within just seven months, they have managed to establish a multi-million rand business, providing livelihoods to numerous employees, and nurturing countless emerging entrepreneurs—all accomplished without any initial financial backing.

This journey underscores the remarkable potential of a positive outlook and the resolve to conquer challenges, even during the most uncertain and trying times. It serves as a testament to the remarkable growth that can be achieved when fuelled by determination and innovation.

Since their launch of an online store in February 2023, their growth trajectory has been phenomenal. With an initial product line of six unique meal solutions, they managed to achieve an astounding sales growth of over 5000% by March. The introduction of two additional flavours added more fuel to their growth, catapulting them into the spotlight of a popular local TV show on Kyknet as well as on SABC News.

Furthermore, Food Sock Meals has opened up avenues for entrepreneurial-minded individuals through its unique reseller model. This model offers the opportunity for individuals to launch a profitable venture from their homes, buying stock at reduced prices and selling within their communities. The process is simple, and the impact is profound, empowering South Africans not just with nutritious food, but with an income stream that bolsters local economies.

In the future, Food Sock Meals envisions a world where no one goes hungry due to a lack of access to nutritious food. Due to its rapid rise in demand for Food Sock Meals, it hopes to become a staple in every corner of the country. Finally, they are in negotiations with large retail stores to get Food Sock Meals at the fingertips of all South Africans. 

Food Sock Meals was chosen to receive a Top 5 Startup Award at the South African Small Business Awards 2023.

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