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Fully funded online doctor consultations for COVID-19

Discovery and Vodacom have partnered to deliver a free online healthcare platform for the benefit of all South Africans during the COVID-19 pandemic. This platform provides easy access for all South Africans to a COVID-19 risk tool, to help understand your personal risk for COVID-19 and, where needed, facilitate immediate access to doctor consultations and advice.

Globally, telemedicine has proved invaluable in the management of this disease. Many governments and healthcare systems advocate for digital healthcare tools and virtual consults to be the first step and primary means of healthcare support during the COVID-19 outbreak.

Why are online doctor consultations important during COVID-19?

  • The online doctor consultation platform makes it possible for South Africans to access a healthcare professional without having to travel to a healthcare facility.
  • This means that doctors can identify people who need referral to hospital and reduce overcrowding at clinics and general practitioner’s rooms where there is greater risk of the virus spreading. This safeguards the health of our doctors and healthcare workers who are providing care to patients with COVID-19.

This video explains why online doctor consultations are important.

How to book an online doctor consultation?

Start the process by visiting Discovery’s COVID-19 information hub.

  • If you are not already registered with us, you must register for online doctor consultations on our website
  • Answer the short risk assessment questions about your symptoms
  • If you are considered to be at high-risk of having COVID-19 you can book an online consultation with your doctor or a dedicated COVID-19 Care Team of doctors.

How will COVID-19 online consultations be paid?

For members of schemes administered by Discovery Health, these COVID-19 online consultations will be paid from their medical scheme’s risk benefits where applicable. Where these benefits are not available, COVID-19 Online Doctor Consultations will be covered by the COVID-19 Healthcare Fund.

Prevent the spread of COVID-19

Working from home

Here are 14 ways to help you be productive and effectively work from home.

Get your flu vaccine

Since the flu season and COVID-19 are now overlapping, members with specific conditions, who are considered to be at higher risk of complications for COVID-19, need to take extra preventive measures and precautions during this time to avoid contracting this illness. The flu vaccine won’t protect you against COVID-19, but it will protect you against the flu. Find out more.

Stay informed and know the facts about COVID-19

There is only one way to test and that is through a laboratory referred by a doctor. Don’t be fooled by online information about self-tests for COVID-19 that seem cheap and promise a quick and accurate result.

The World Health Organization has moved to dispel the myth that COVID-19 is an airborne virus.

Additional supply of medicine

We are aware of requests for additional supplies of medicine during the COVID-19 national state of disaster in our country. We are assured through stakeholder engagement that a sufficient supply of chronic and essential medicine will remain available to you. Pharmacies will remain open and accessible during this time. We appeal for calm and your support in avoiding medicine stock-piling, consistent with national public guidance, to ensure that all South Africans continue to have monthly access to their medicine as required. Please discuss medicine delivery options with your current pharmacy service provider should this be required.

Online self-service tools available to you during COVID-19 

As an essential service business, we have taken important steps to enable us to operate fully and to continue delivering the service that you expect from us. During this time, we encourage you to use our digital services.

Discovery COVID-19 Information Hub

Visit our regularly updated information hub, for all the latest updates and guidance about COVID-19 in one easy to reference place. Register on our website and download the Discovery app today.

Look out for regular updates from us and follow us on Facebook and Twitter.

Discovery and Vodacom are proud Partners of the NSBC.

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