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Garona Communications and Projects – building communities through upskilling

Presley Mokotedi is the owner and managing director of Garona Communications and Projects. This company provides a complete solution in the areas of exhibition displays, large format printing, design and branding services.

Presley’s ambition to own his own business was nurtured by helping out in the family business. He started his career working for a Johannesburg-based exhibition infrastructure service provider and with this knowledge, he started Garona Communications and Projects 13 years ago and over time he has built the company from the ground up.

Presley enjoys working at his company because he is working for himself and building a legacy. His second passion is upskilling the young and old employees who work for him. His company has an internship programme which focuses on growing and mentoring the next generation. He takes in two interns every year.

As we know business is not without its challenges and one lesson Presley has learnt is not to underestimate a job because of its monetary value. It is often the clients with small jobs who become your biggest clients in the future. Therefore it is important to treat every client the same and give each job your very best.

 Garona Communications and Projects has been a dream of Presley and this is what keeps him going when things have been tough even during the pandemic. Presley has taken this time to focus on revamping his website and business profile and has continued to market his business so that he remains top-of-mind post-COVID-19.

Presley says “South Africa should support small businesses to minimise a huge level of unemployment and poverty in our country. When the government supports us, we can employ and skill people. Small businesses also help in driving the economy.”

By supporting small, we help to grow communities which are doing it for themselves.

Garona Communications and Projects is a proud Member of the NSBC

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