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Get seen with this marketing advice

With the rise of the internet, the price to be seen has gone down. Before the internet started you would have had to buy advertising in a magazine or newspaper or you would have had to pay a lot of money to get your advert to be seen on TV at prime time.

Nowadays if you have a cell phone, you can record your voice or a video, or write a piece of text and have it on various platforms in a matter of hours with it not costing you too much. But how many people are doing it? Not many and why? One of the main reasons is because we put value on what other people think about us. We need to leave the fear of judgement at the door and create content to inspire and add value to our clients. Here are six pieces of advice from Gary Vee to build a marketing strategy where you will be seen.

1. Create organic attention

You will need to research where the eyes and ears of your potential clients hang out. Next, you will need to become cognisant of how they consume content. Afterwards, you must go through the comments and see what conversations are being had about your product. What are people asking? What are people worried about? This will help you to know what topics you need to be the voice on. By creating content which is valuable in what it says, you can grow a following which may stick around with you longer.

2. Say “Yes”

We can come up with a million different reasons why we don’t want to try to do something. We might look silly or we might fail. But if you have chosen to be an entrepreneur you need to be comfortable with the idea that at times you will fail. But each failure is a lesson. By saying yes to opportunities and figuring it out along the way you will start to learn quickly what works and what doesn’t. Then you can move quicker towards actions that work and bring in more attention.

3. Be consistent

Your message must remain the same across all the platforms that you post on. It may be dressed up differently to suit the audience on the different platforms but the core message must be the same and identifiable with your brand.

4. Be yourself

The unique leverage many people have is their character. There are very few new ideas or products, but by adding your secret sauce (of who you are) to your offering you will attract people to you. Be authentic. You need to believe in what you are marketing. People are astute and will soon detect if you don’t believe in your business. Tell your story.

5. Create content you are comfortable in

If you are an introvert or lack the self-confidence to stand in front of a camera and talk about your products or service you could do something else instead. If you like to write, create blogs; if you like to speak, create a podcast; if you like to draw or paint, create doodles. Create content on platforms you enjoy and are comfortable with. By growing your confidence in producing content you like, you may get the conviction to create other forms of content.

6. Be patient

We all compare ourselves with those who are very successful in our industry, but we often forget the amounts of years and hours they put into becoming successful. Very few businesses are overnight successes. Many have been doing work consistently and diligently to get to where they are. It takes time to become a big name brand in your industry.

With this advice, we hope you will strive to work towards sharing your brand story authentically and consistently.

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