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Giving small business the step up it needs

The first Friday of Spring every year is Small Business Friday™, the day consumers pledge to support small businesses across the country, The National Small Business Chamber (NSBC), in association with Nedbank recognises the bravery and fortitude of these businesses, knowing that starting your own business is equal parts fear and elation.

Our biggest message to a small business is that you don’t need to travel this challenging path alone. There are organisations such as ours that strive to assist and fuel the growth of small business in Africa.

The NSBC is committed to helping SMEs grow, learn, network, connect, and be inspired to succeed: “We have over the years, through our varied programme of national events and the prestigious South African Small Business Awards, inspired and helped so many businesses succeed.

Theri Rossouw, managing director of Therific Naturals, said that being heralded as the 2012 National Small Business Champion, by the NSBC, played a significant role in the business’ early success: “Winning the incredible title opened so many doors and catapulted us into a new dimension from small business to small company. Trying to grow a small business is no easy task when you are doing it on your own. Being a member of the NSBC is a good start, and to have the support of knowledgeable business minds to guide you, lead you and advise you is priceless.”

Rossouw says that as a small business it is also amazing to have such a worthy organisation fight for small business rights: “From better or more affordable tax rates and better payment terms from large companies, the NSBC is truly something every small business should be supporting.”

She says that there is no doubt in her mind that her business would not be where it is today, spread across SA, the UK and the UAE, if her hard work had not been acknowledged with such a prestigious award.

The Small Business Friday™ movement aims to put small businesses across South Africa firmly in the spotlight, by encouraging individuals to support, visit and spend at a small business all year round, especially on Fridays, and particularly on Small Business Friday™ falling on the first Friday of spring in September.

Visit Small Business Friday and SBF Facebook for more information and how to support this initiative.

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