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Glue Up’s speed networking 2.0 with smart matching improves how professional communities network online

Article provided by Glue Up

Tysons, Virginia – Glue Up, a leading cloud-based all-in-one CRM platform operating in over 50 countries around the world, continues to revolutionize the way business professionals connect and build relationships with its new and improved Speed Networking Tool 2.0. Glue Up’s Speed Networking is the ultimate virtual community engagement tool. It takes the traditional value of a face-to-face networking experience and enhances it with advanced smart matching technology that allows attendees to network digitally.

With webinar fatigue being a major problem for many organizations, the tool offers a virtual software platform with proven algorithms to help business professionals worldwide expand their professional network through targeted, meaningful connections on a series of 1-on-1 meetings within or as a standalone event.

Glue Up Speed Networking 2.0 latest features include:

  • Smart matching technology to increase community engagement and connect audiences with only those they truly want to meet and gain value
  • Engaging programming that allows a variety of matches such as buyer/seller matches, peer to peer, and mentor/mentee matches
  • Robust reporting and analytics, including detailed reports on how attendees were matched, Return On Investment analysis, and data to guide performance improvement

“Glue Up’s Speed Networking is unmatched in the market. The COVID-19 pandemic has taken a toll on businesses around the world. Businesses have been learning how to adapt quickly. With our deep understanding of the event landscape, we have considered unique requirements from our current and potential clients. Our end goal is to keep attendees satisfied and create meaningful experiences at these networking events. We expedited the roll-out of this new product, knowing that one of the biggest challenges businesses were facing was expanding their network with other professionals and building their businesses when face-to-face interactions were limited. It’s truly the future of networking in a fast-paced world,” said Eric Schmidt, CEO & Co-Founder of Glue Up.

There are a lot of corporations seeking virtual matchmaking solutions, such as Fortune 500 corporations, colleges, universities, chambers of commerce, trade associations and conferences, professional networking organizations, among others. These organizations are looking to engage their audiences for many reasons. In this regard, some of the advantages such organizations aim to obtain include:

  • Save time and reduces event stress. It significantly reduces event organizers’ administrative time and lessens stress as the tool assists with the setup, email marketing invitation campaigns, event reminders, smart matching, and the engagement of people in an innovative way.
  • Increase event attendance and engagement. Event registrants are busy people. However, if they are guaranteed to meet the right people, their participation using this platform significantly increases. It also helps to solve webinar fatigue as it is more interactive. 
  • Sponsorship opportunities. For corporations looking to increase revenue opportunities, the tool offers multiple strategic event sponsorship opportunities to maximize their earning potential and increase their return on investments.

“This feature is like speed dating for professionals. Instead of looking for a date, you are looking for a person that will help expand your business, reach professional goals, increase revenue, etc. It’s like professional matchmaking,” said Olivia Ji, President & Co-Founder. She also said that it’s the only platform that will allow you to meet relevant people to your professional network by having them come to you.

About Glue Up

Glue Up is a leading global engagement management solution that services associations, event organizers, chambers of commerce, agencies, marketers, businesses, and NGOs with a user-friendly ecosystem of interconnected modules designed to streamline operations, modernize processes, and grow professional communities. Glue Up’s innovative all-in-one solutions combine the best event management, membership management, email marketing, CRM, Finance, Project Management, Networking, and mobile apps into one. Glue Up is currently present in 60+ countries around the world and is rapidly expanding.

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