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Google to release its own chatbot in 2023

The search engine giant, Google, is jumping in on the explosion of AI-enabled text with the announcement that it is entering the AI race, with plans to release its own chatbot this year.

It’s been hard to ignore the news about artificial intelligence (AI) in recent weeks. The advancement of AI-driven copywriting and image creators has made a splash in both business and popular culture, quickly putting us on the cusp of a new digital era.

News that Google is releasing its own chatbot comes hot on the heels of the rising popularity of ChatGPT, a type of AI technology that uses natural language processing to generate natural language responses to user input. It can be used to generate creative writing, create automated translations, and even generate personalized responses to emails. Its impressive capabilities quickly catapulted the tool to reach more than one million users in under one week.


Users having fun with the varied responses that can be generated using ChatGPT.

ChatGPT’s quick success has sounded an alarm over at Google.

The New York Times reported that management at Google declared a “Code Red” after ChatGPT rose to fame, acknowledging its ability to completely disrupt the industry, particularly in the world of search. Microsoft has already announced that it plans to add ChatGPT features to its search engine, Bing, in the coming months.

SEO writer Danny Goodwin provides a good example of the potential impact ChatGPT could have on the SEO industry over at Search Engine Land: “If you thought featured snippets were stealing your traffic, just wait until Google starts being able to accurately answer some even more complex questions which your existing content is designed to answer.”

This year, Google intends to launch over 20 new products and showcase a version of its search engine with chatbot features, according to a slide presentation reviewed by The New York Times.

In that presentation, Google listed priorities for its new AI-enabled search, including getting facts right, ensuring safety, and eliminating misinformation.

Click here to read the full report in The New York Times.

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