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Grand Slam Surfacing – It takes a village to reach success

Meet the Absa Small Business Friday featured Small Business of the week – Grand Slam Surfacing.

Grand Slam Surfacing believes in creating safe, fun, and quality sports surfaces. They specialise in the surfacing and resurfacing of sports courts and facilities in acrylic, sport tiles, and cushioned rubber surfaces.

Peter Myburg’s entrepreneurial journey began as a young schoolboy. He would work on Saturdays selling chocolates, biltong, and fudge. As he became older he would host tennis camps in the summer and even went door to door selling watermelons. This prepared him for his entrepreneurial journey after university.

Realising that a 9-5 job with a set routine would not do, Peter chose to become an entrepreneur and started Grand Slam Surfacing in 2012. He did daily and continuous research to master what he needed to know to become successful. Furthermore, every failure was a step up to becoming better. He also reached out to mentors who have guided him on his way.

Though there were many challenges during his journey one of the ones which sticks out was the paint redevelopment. This was a time-consuming and risky two years. The products were used and implemented at projects, but they caused problems and resulted in 1.5 million in damages. But through this challenge, they have come out with the best product in the market, and it is now International Tennis Federation certified.

Through all the challenges, Peter has been supported by his family, friends and staff who believe in him and his ability to achieve the goals he has set for his business.

A highlight in this journey was Grand Slam Surfacing being selected as the preferred service provider to get sports facilities revitalised and ready for training in the Western Cape area for the 2023 Netball World Cup.

In the future, they want to continue to use digital advancements to improve the customer’s experience when it comes to resurfacing sports platforms. They want to continue to contribute to the community by sponsoring branded shirts, socks, sports balls, monies, and trophies. They are also working towards having a Grand Slam Surfacing team in each province.

Grand Slam Surfacing was chosen to receive a Top 20 Award at the 2022 South African Small Business Awards.

Absa is a proud Platinum Partner of the NSBC.

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