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Great 4 Business – Simplifying the complexities of business

Meet the Absa Small Business Friday featured Small Business of the week – Great 4 Business.

Great 4 Business (G4B)’s philosophy is rooted in the idea of business made simple for small to medium enterprises. G4B aims to simplify the complexities of business for SMEs, allowing them to focus on their core competencies.

Nonkululeko Baloyi, CEO of G4B, was inspired to start her business from an article by the founder and CEO of the NSBC, Mike Anderson, that highlighted the issues faced by SMEs. Through extensive research and knowledge gathering, she is committed to simplifying the complexities of business for SMEs.

One way, they have simplified the process of dealing with multiple suppliers is by creating a one-stop-shop solution for SMEs. On their platform, you have access to products, services and training needed to build an SME and different packages can be tailored to the needs of the SME. They are also focused on each step of the SME’s growth.

The areas which they are focusing on are laying a foundation of knowledge and skills which help with the basics of business. Then it offers green energy and backup solutions for sustainable business for the future. Next, they offer different hardware and software solutions for business. With technology comes growth and the need for cloud-based technologies, cyber security, POPIA compliance, voice and data packages and finance.

By helping businesses with the nitty gritty of IT, communication and learning, SME owners can focus on creating profitable and growing businesses.

One challenge G4B addressed was dealing with multiple suppliers which resulted in overpriced and poorly integrated products and services. By creating a single e-commerce platform that brings together products, services, and training, allowing for tailored packages to meet the specific needs of each type of business. This is where they live up to their motto of “business made simple”.

In the future, G4B hopes to create a reseller option which will help increase job creation in South Africa. They are also always on the lookout for partners and service providers who would like to join their platform and offer the best deals to their clients.

Great 4 Business was chosen to receive a Top 5 Startup Award at the South African Small Business Awards 2023.

Absa is a proud Platinum Partner of the NSBC.

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