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Greensky Brand Architects transforms business to develop Health Care Products

Article provided by HOT 91.9 FM

As South Africa and the rest of the world found itself impacted by the global COVID-19 pandemic, Greensky Brand Architects realized the danger in the scarcity of critical health care products and medical protection in South Africa. With the necessary essential machinery in place which is required to assist South Africa’s medical sector, Greensky Brand Architects transformed their business with the creation of Greensky Health Care Products, to play their part in the fight against COVID-19. Greensky’s founder and CEO Hennie Lamprecht decided to act before it was too late and develop products to protect health care workers and essential service providers. 

In a short space of time Greensky has developed a comprehensive range of health care products, from aerosol protective intubation chambers which protect healthcare workers whilst they perform lifesaving duties , to COVID-19 face guards to protect the public and business employees from aerosol droplet contamination. In addition to this timely endeavour, Greensky is donating one unit to the public health facilities for every 10 units produced.

Greensky Health Care Products are made of only the best high-quality materials to ensure ultimate protection and security. 

Hot 91.9FM is working with, and assisting, many SME’s fighting COVID-19 by promoting their services and products on-air. Managing Director Lloyd Madurai opines, “ Greensky`s sterling work in transforming their services to aid in this critical battle is another example of South Africans banding together for the common good. This is the cornerstone of Hot 91.9FM`s `community first` philosophy` and we fully support Greensky`s efforts”.

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