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Grobank puts SMEs on road to growing business and wealth

Article provided by Grobank

For your  daily banking needs , Grobank employees have the banking skills and dedication to help you make the most of what matters.

“This is particularly important for small businesses right now, as they move toward recovery after lockdown,” says Grobank CEO Bennie van Rooy. “We are noted for the assistance we give to our enterprise banking clients, regardless of their size.”

With banking charges being a key area of concern for all businesses, Grobank works to keep them as low as possible and reviews fees and charges for banking products annually to ensure competitiveness.

“We’re launching a new Enterprise account aimed specifically at small businesses with a turnover of less than R5 million per annum with a monthly service fee of just R60.00,” notes Van Rooy. “Pay as you transact fees are highly competitive, with cash withdrawal fees at a retailer being just R1.50 with a purchase, or R5.00 without a purchase.”

Growing the backbone of the economy

Grobank’s drive assist SMEs is not new, however. “We are a financial institution that realises the importance of small enterprises to the South African economy. In many ways, SMEs are the very backbone of a growing economy and, as our country works to recover from lockdown, our employees are ready to engage with customers looking to grow their businesses and wealth,” Van Rooy says.

These relationships are backed up with digital banking services that have been tailor made for businesses, making sure clients can transact wherever they are. As small businesses grow from Enterprise banking to more complex needs, Grobank offers a comprehensive range of services. Whether it’s a carefully planned investment, vehicle or property finance or international banking, Grobank engages with clients to determine the various ways to grow their business sustainably and responsibly.

“Through insight and understanding, Grobank can structure a product portfolio that gives SME businesses of all sizes tailor made financial flexibility and the backing you need to respond quickly to opportunities,” Van Rooy concludes.

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