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Grow your business with a new digital business card

Article provided by Webcard, a leading web design and digital marketing agency, is part of Newfold Digital serving the digital needs for over 6 million customers worldwide. Formed in 1997, has been at the heart of the digital revolution and exists today to help small- to medium-sized businesses succeed online.

The NSBC is delighted to have partnered with to develop and launch the new FREE NSBC Digital Membership Card – yours for LIFE as long as you are an NSBC Member. The NSBC Digital Membership card is powered by Webcard, a new digital business card that will help you promote your products and services to new customers, and help your networking with other members as you grow your business.

Why do I need a Webcard?

Nowadays, customers expect your business to be online. Even if you speak to a potential customer on the phone, in-store, or via email first, their next action will be to verify your credentials online.

As the internet is often either the first or second touchpoint a customer has with your business, so it’s crucial to ensure you have a strong online presence. But as we observe consumer behaviour, we start to understand that simply being online is not enough.

A recent study by (Search Engine Land, 2020) found that a website ranking in the second position on Google receives three times more clicks than a website in the sixth position. Furthermore, the study showed that websites on page 2 were clicked on less than 1% of the time. It’s no surprise that ranking at the top of Google is a good thing, but this survey confirms that convenience is king.

In a world of smartphones, search engines, and voice assistance, customers have become accustomed to having instant access to what they want, when they want it.

At, the mission is clear; reduce the barrier to entry for businesses to get online and provide digital solutions which deliver success.

That’s why Webcard is the perfect companion for those with a website and the foot in the digital door for those that do not – it’s a simple digest of your digital credentials, and so customers and prospects can quickly check it out, see your key information and link off to your website if they need to.

Some of the thousands of users around the world using Webcard don’t even have a full website, they just use their Webcard as a site and do all their business with that.

“Since I started using Webcard I have saved trees and it makes it super easy to connect and share my details.” James, Pro Webcard User, CapeTown

What is a Webcard?

The creation of Webcard was born from’s commitment to helping businesses succeed and a determination to deliver convenience for customers. Providing a digital business card for your company, this one-page web presence comprises all of the key information your potential clients will need when enquiring about your business.

If your website is an award-winning novel, think of Webcard as the blurb – the juicy information that sells your story and appears not only on the back cover of the book, but in online product listings and reviews. Webcard helps your customers cut through the barrage of information and get to what they want to know faster.

Whether you are an existing business with a website or a brand-new business looking to get online, Webcard is ideal for anyone wanting to make their customer experience more enjoyable.

Here are just a few ways how you can utilise a Webcard with or without a company website.

If you do not have a website…

… you need an online presence, a digital footprint to help you connect with customers in the digital world. Key benefits include:

  • Quick starter presence
  • Responsive, mobile-friendly design
  • Your key business info at your customers’ fingertips
  • Unique URL or point to your domain

If you do have a website…

… think of a Webcard as your elevator pitch and your digital business card. Having this business card in addition to your current online presence offer a range of key benefits, including:

  • High quality backlink from a trusted domain to your website
  • Useful mobile-friendly summary of your key business information
  • An additional SEO entry for your business, independently indexing and enhancing your online profile

The convenience of Webcard    

Never underestimate the power of serving your customer’s convenience. With each extra step you place in front of a potential customer before they can get the information they want, the chances of them contacting your business is heavily reduced. With Webcard, you can provide crucial information right away, including your contact details, opening hours, and unique selling points.


Your professional Webcard is also ideal for business networking. Offering the perfect first impression, your digital business card will demonstrate you are immersed in the online world. As a far more modern answer to the traditional printed card, your Webcard will wow anyone you meet, leaving a more lasting personal impression than exchanging email addresses or sharing your LinkedIn page.

Exclusive Membership for NSBC Members

Taking this opportunity to the next level, NSBC is proud to have partnered with to deliver Webcard as the exclusive online Membership card for NSBC members. All NSBC active members qualify for a dedicated, FREE NSBC Webcard that will live under a private address just for them in the format

As a member, you will receive a special link to activate your Online Membership card. What’s more, as an NSBC Africa Partner, is offering an exclusive 50% discount on upgrading to a Pro Webcard to all its members.

This special upgrade allows you to take advantage of a dedicated .africa or domain name for your Webcard, a professional email account and a choice of great templates.

Look out for the email from NSBC or click here to find out more.

Webcard is a proud Member of the NSBC

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