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Grow your business with South Africa’s largest omni-channel retailer

The NSBC is proud to be partnering with Makro Marketplace to give you an incredible opportunity to boost sales and grow your business.

What is Makro Marketplace?

We’ve brought together like-minded sellers to create a marketplace with thousands of diverse products for our customers to choose from.

The Makro Marketplace is where third-party sellers are able to list and sell new products on that are not already available in a Makro store. The seller determines the selling price and Makro facilitates the transaction between the seller and the Makro customer. Makro simply retains a selling commission based on the product category and selling price of the products.

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Why sell your products on Makro Marketplace?

  • Sell your products and associate your brand with one of South Africa’s biggest and most trusted retailers.
  • Build your brand by leveraging Makro’s investment in digital marketing, campaigns, and promotions.
  • No monthly listing or fulfilment fees (up to 40kg or 80/70/60cm).
  • Set and manage your own pricing.
  • Simple sales commission with no rebates.
  • Reach almost 24 million customers who visit over 77 million times a year.
  • If your products sell well, there is a possible opportunity to list in Makro stores.
  • Benefit from Makro’s large commercial customer base who place large volume orders.
  • Products will be available on the Makro app.

Register at For any further information or assistance please email: / WhatsApp 082 575 3279

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