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Hot 91.9FM and NSBC bring you Small Business Relief weekdays on Mansfield in the Morning

Hot 91.9FM applauds President Ramaphosa, once again, for your measured response to the COVID-19 crisis in your address to the nation on Monday night. What is needed now is calm and decisive leadership.

One of the economic issues the President addressed was the impact this has on small businesses. You will be happy to know Mr. President that we at Hot 91.9 are ahead of the curve! As a community station committed to making a meaningful difference in the community we serve we have already engaged with Mike Anderson and the amazing team from the National Small Business Chamber to help roll out a relief plan in this sector which is vital to the economy, continued employment and any possible growth, in the form of a relief centre.

The objective of The COVID-19 Small Business Relief Centre is to help Small Businesses by doing whatever we can to take their pain away during this crisis. Some of the key areas the centre will focus on include: low-interest disaster recovery loans, moratoriums on vehicle and equipment leases, bond repayments, supplier negotiation and communication, landlord negotiation with regards to property leases, increased cleaning, disinfecting and hygiene protocols, digital marketing strategies in a time of crisis, quick digital migration for meetings and business continuity plans.

In partnership with the NSBC, Hot 91.9FM will involve as many corporates who rely on SME’s for services and help make this thing work. Because. Hot Cares.  It’s Simple.

We are extremely grateful to Hot 91.9 for taking swift action by joining forces with the NSBC to help small businesses throughout South Africa survive the storm and keep their workers employed. Small business is the mainstay of our economy and the future of job creation. This kind of fast action by Hot 91.9 will make thousands of  small businesses more resilient to coronavirus-related economic disruptions.” – Mike Anderson: National Small Business Chamber ( NSBC ) Founder & CEO

Catch Small Business Relief every weekday morning on Mansfield in the Morning at 08h10 on Hot 91.9FM. The feature will run daily at 08h10 from Wed 1st to Fri 17th April.

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