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HOT 91.9FM partners up with Jacksons Real Food Markets to support over 1000 Jobs

Article provided by HOT 91.9 FM

Jacksons Real Food Market is a small family run business, showcasing local farmers and producers. Hot 91.9FM has partnered with them to give this local business the exposure they need in order to inform the public that they are open, they sell nutrient-dense food and that in supporting them, you are supporting local small and emerging farmers and keeping over 1000 South Africans in their jobs. 

The COVID-19 pandemic has been devastating to South Africa. Informal markets are no longer an avenue for local farmers to sell at and Jacksons pride themselves in sourcing organically grown fruit and vegetables, and in turn, are giving these local, small and emerging farmers the much needed support to keep them in business during this pandemic.

Jacksons support over 9 disadvantaged communities weekly and are running a Superhero fund for all the team members who work the frontlines in their stores. Customers are free to match Jacksons contribution to this fund.

Jacksons are also pleading for South Africa to focus on nutrient-dense foods and use this time to educate themselves about real foods. The immune system must be as strong and healthy as possible in fighting this pandemic. 

The Jacksons Real Food Market stores go beyond all the required health and safety regulations but to give you more peace of mind in your shopping experience, they have also introduced a Personal Shopper System. The personal shopper system allows for you to order on Whatsapp and on collection a Jacksons employee will bring your shopping to you. Jacksons also allow you to shop online and have your groceries delivered to you if you reside in the Johannesburg North area. 

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