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How body language can help your sales

55% of your sales message is conveyed through body language, 38% through the tone of your voice and a mere 7% of your message is the actual words you speak.

With these statistics in mind, it is crucial that your body doesn’t sabotage your sales message, but how can you use your body to reinforce your sales message?

Here are six guidelines on using your body language to help your sales.

1. Your dress code

Many people say we should not judge a person by their appearance, but unfortunately those same people will assess your character by how you are dressed. Therefore you need to ensure that you are well groomed and dressed appropriately for the product you are selling. If you are selling a product which is for a high-end market then it would be appropriate to wear a suit. If you are selling a surfboard, your client may be more comfortable if you were dressed more casual. But it is always important that your clothes are in good condition.

2. Your eyes

\Not only do we look at everything around us with our eyes, but they are the only part of our body which we don’t have control of. If you see your client’s pupils expand than they are happy about what they are hearing, but if they start to become smaller they are becoming agitated and it may be a good time to ask them about their concerns. You should keep eye contact with your prospect, but don’t stare at them. By looking at them regularly you will keep their attention. If your client keeps eye contact with you 60-70% of the time, it normally means they are in agreement with you. You should also use your eyes to direct people’s attention to important information you are sharing on a slide presentation.

3. Your face

If you are smiling and nodding, we know that you agree and are in favour with what we are saying. Therefore it is important to smile at your customer and while you listen to them you can nod every so often. If you purse your lips, crinkle your nose or narrow your eyes, then we become aware that there is tension in the conversation and we need to do something to diffuse the tension. You could do so by giving your client an opportunity to speak.

4. Your torso and arms

To exude confidence and look more attractive, you should stand up or sit up straight and a little bit forward. Your shoulders should be in a relaxed position. You should also ensure that your arms are open. This shows that you are honest and open. If you have your arms closed around your chest, it could indicate that you are closed to what is being said. It could also mean that you are cold. Just be careful of how you assess the situation.

5. Your hands

If you want to come across as open and honest you should expose your palms to the person you are talking to. If you rub your hands together, this could indicate that you are excited about something. You should also make small controlled gestures as this will help to show you are calm and confident. When shaking someone’s hand you should be firm. It is important to not be too firm as this may convey the message that you are trying to dominate the person. Your handshake should also not be like a limp fish because this could be seen that you have no self-confidence. You should apply the same pressure back as the person who is shaking your hand.

6. Your feet

When doing a presentation, you can move from one side of the presentation area to the other to emphasis the points you are trying to make. You can make one point then move a few steps and make the next point. You should also see which way your feet are facing. They should be faced directly towards the person you are speaking to. If they are facing away from the person you are speaking to, it may signal that you are trying to leave the conversation.

By keeping these body language tips in mind, you will be well on your way to making a successful sale.

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