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How BugOut SA is helping South Africans be prepared 

Since 2020, we’ve featured several online stores as case studies on our website that demonstrate the resilience and determination of South African entrepreneurs and business visionaries during the COVID-19 pandemic. Each and every one of them overcame hardship and uncertainty to create something magical – successful online businesses they could proudly call their own.  

Like many people during the start of the pandemic, Morne van Vuuren unfortunately lost his job and was stuck at home wondering how he could make an income to support his family. One day out of pure boredom, he unpacked his survival bag on the floor and shared photographs on Facebook. Within a couple of hours, a man in the Free State contacted him saying he wanted to order five such bags, which had a total value of R30,000. The rest, as they say, is history. That was the start of BugOut SA, a store selling specialised items for outdoor adventures, hiking and emergencies. 

Watch the video below to find out how BugOut SA, a small family-run business based out of Port Elizabeth, has become what it is today with support from Payfast. 

BugOut SA continuously adds inventory items to their online store to cater for their clients’ needs with help from their Easy Advance business funding. Morne also helps his community by visiting schools and hiking clubs to share his survival skills, such as how to make a fire, purify water and build shelters.  

There’s nothing stopping you from growing your online business as long as, according to Morne, you “get up, dress up and turn up every single day. It’s hard work, but if you stick to it, you will succeed.” 

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