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How can generative AI boost your SME’s productivity?

In today’s rapidly evolving digital landscape, small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs) face the dual challenge of competing with larger corporations while navigating resource constraints. But how can generative AI boost an SME’s productivity and help them to get a competitive edge? Let us look at six ways generative AI can increase an SME’s productivity.

1. Creating content

This is often the one cited by most individuals who know a little bit about generative AI. They use ChatGP to help create blogs, emails, social media posts and other marketing collateral required for their business. But we need to be careful as some information created by generative AI may be breaking copyright laws. Therefore, it is good to use it for a basic outline but fine-tune the information with your expertise and skill in the field.

2. Doing repetitive tasks

One thing a computer is a master at is doing tasks which take minimal thought and are repetitive. These are the daily tasks which are necessary but don’t move the value dial very far. By getting generative AI to do these tasks you can increase productivity and your staff can focus more on tasks which get the value dial moving.

3. Improve customer service

Many customers expect to be helped 24/7, especially with the simple questions they may have about your business. Therefore, by using AI to generate replies to frequently asked questions, you free up your customer service agents to deal with the more complex queries which could lead to a sale or getting a complex problem solved quicker.

4. Capitalise on data analysis and insights

Generative AI can search through large and complex data sets and analyse them quickly. This will help people who are familiar with data analysis to get information they can use to describe their product or to give a presentation about the progress of their company or it could also help to see how your business is operating and if any tweaks need to be had.

5. Reinforce cybersecurity

With antivirus from a reputable company that uses AI, you can strengthen your cybersecurity. The software can protect your business against data breaches and cyber threats. You also need to ensure that whatever generative AI products you use are from legal companies. You need to do your due diligence.

6. Brainstorm new ideas 

As an SME, you may not have the personnel to brainstorm new product or marketing ideas with. By using generative AI, you can brainstorm ideas with it and see what suggestions it comes up with.

Though generative AI may seem daunting, you are probably using it in the devices and software you already use. If you aren’t then it is time to become curious and look at platforms like ChatGP to begin your walk towards better productivity with generative AI.

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