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How do you create social proof for your SME

Are you an SME? Do the general public trust your brand? If you have answered no to the previous question than it may be time to invest in social proof.

Social proof is based on people having a pack mentality. If they see others doing something and being satisfied with what has happened then they are more inclined to follow their peers. In a recent study done in America, it showed that 83% of consumers will be influenced by reviews and recommendations from their peers.

The benefits of social proof for your business are that it builds trust, adds credibility to your brand or service, and validates and simplifies your customers’ buying decision. Here are seven ways to create social proof for your SME.

1. Get certified and use badges

If your business is in a certain industry where accreditation is important then make sure the badges are proudly displayed on your website. If you have certain certificates which add value to what you do then ensure that they are proudly displayed on your website. If these certifications come from big brands in your industry they will add extra proof that you are capable of completing the job you have been hired for.

2. Get celebrity endorsements

These endorsements don’t necessarily have to come from a-list celebrities but they can be people who have a following of between 10K and 50K. Reach out to these social media celebrities and ask if they would like to be a brand ambassador for your product. There may be some legal requirements regarding endorsements and you should ensure that you know about them by contacting a legal firm.

3. Use your best numbers

Have many people signed up to your newsletter? Or have a good few people bought your product? Then advertise it on your landing page. This will help to encourage the first-time visitor to your webpage to sign up or use your product.

4. Get reviews

It is important to ask your clients to review your product on the platforms where they bought. By having a positive review of your product, you will encourage someone to buy it. Furthermore, the way you handle criticism in your reviews may also influence what someone thinks about your brand.

5. Display customer testimonials

It is important to display what people have said about your product. You can display these testimonials on your product page after you have listed the benefits, on your about page, on your order form, next to a call-to-action button, and next to your contact form. When displayed in these areas it will encourage people to take the next step to experience your product.

6. Mentions in the media

Has your brand or product been mentioned in the media? This can be from unsolicited reviews, magazine features, TV segments or podcast reviews. You can add the comment made on these platforms with a logo of the media outlet that mentioned you on your website to add to your social proof.

7. Get a trust seal

By adding a trust seal to your website, people will be more confident in using your website. These seals make consumers feel better about handing over sensitive information on your website.

By going through these seven ways of creating social proof, you will have a brand which is trusted more by the general consumer. 

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