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How do you know if I should file my company’s AFSs in IXBRL?

Public Interest Score (PIS)

If your company has a PI score that is:

  • 350 or more for the reporting period
  • at least 100 and its AFSs were compiled internally

Enterprise Type

If your company is a:

  • Public company (LTD)
  • State-owned company (SOC)

Business Activity

If your company, in the ordinary course of its primary business activities, holds assets in a fiduciary capacity for persons who are not related to it, and the aggregate value of such assets held at any time during the financial year exceeds R5 million.

Business Function

If your company is a non-profit company which was incorporated:

  • directly or indirectly by the state, an organ of state, a state-owned company, an international entity, a foreign state entity or a foreign company; or
  • primarily to perform a statutory or regulatory function in terms of any legislation, or to carry out a public function at the direct or indirect initiation or direction of an organ of the state, a state-owned company, an international entity , or a foreign state entity, or for a purpose ancillary to any such function.

Memorandum of incorporation

If your company has a Memorandum of incorporation that prescribes auditing of its Financial statements.

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