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How effective is email marketing?

According to a recent study by Everlytic, the most popular platform for promotion of brands in all age groups is email, but many marketers find that their email marketing strategies are not bringing in the desired responses. They believe that email marketing is ineffective. But with almost everyone who is on the internet having at least one email address the market is wide and needs to be effectively addressed. Here are five aspects to consider that will make your emails more effective.

1. Don’t be irrelevant

The content which you put out needs to be relevant to your target audience. You should add value to their day when they open your email. If you consistently send out emails which are just sales pitches and offer no value to the client you will soon land in their spam folder.

2. Don’t bombard your client’s inbox

Have you ever received the same message every day? I am sure after a while you got tired and unsubscribed from the email list. Therefore it is important that you carefully curate your email and send it out once a month or weekly depending on the amount of content you create and how much news you would like to share with your audience.

3. Don’t be distant

When you email someone, they have allowed you into their personal space and you need to respect that. Don’t send them a generic email. You need to ensure your company’s brand voice is shown through the email and that you address the client using their name. You should also ensure your email has your company name in it. If you send emails from an unknown address it will go straight to their dustbin especially if your customer’s cybersecurity is on point.

4. Don’t be static

According to a report by CampaignMonitor, up to 47% of people open their emails on a mobile device therefore it is critical that your emails are responsive to this platform. If you don’t have a responsive email than your clients may unsubscribe from your email list.

5. Don’t lose out on ROI

It has been reported that for every Rand spent on email marketing, you could expect a 30% return on your investment. It has also been noted that people are more likely to click through to your store to make a purchase from your email.

As can be seen by the five aspects mentioned above, if you use email marketing effectively, you could boost your relationship with your customer and you will reap the rewards from a well-thought-out email marketing plan.

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