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How Google Ads impact customer decision-making

Since the emergence of online advertising, such as Google Ads, the medium has undergone a remarkable transformation. But one thing remains — understanding the psychology behind customer behaviour is crucial to attracting their attention. In this article, we delve into the importance and advantages of Google Ads in capturing customers when they’re ready to buy, ultimately driving conversions and achieving business success without a Coca-Cola-esque budget.

The Lean-Back vs Lean-Forward Mindset

As users leisurely engage in social media activities, they often find themselves in a ‘lean-back’ mindset. During this state, they’re not actively searching for anything specific and are more receptive to passive content consumption, such as browsing through news feeds and the latest TikTok challenge. Consequently, the attention span for ads may be limited, resulting in relatively lower conversions.

On the other hand, when users shift their focus to Google Search, they adopt a ‘lean-forward’ mindset. Their intent is as clear as a romcom plot: to find a solution, product, or service that fulfils their needs or desires. In this active engagement mode, users become more receptive to relevant ads that align with their current search intent, increasing the likelihood of conversions.

The power of intent-driven advertising

Operating on a pay-per-click model, Google Ads allow you to reach customers precisely when they are most likely to convert. By targeting specific keywords that align with users’ search queries, you can present your products to a highly relevant and motivated audience ready to buy.

Precision targeting and personalisation

A significant advantage of Google Ads lies in their vast array of targeting options, allowing you to narrow down your audience based on demographics, location, interests, and behaviour. With this level of precision targeting, you can deliver personalised messages that resonate with potential customers, creating a more meaningful and effective ad experience.

Tracking and optimising capabilities

Google Ads offer extensive tracking and analytical tools, providing valuable insights into ad performance and user behaviour. Armed with this data, you can optimise your ad content, keywords, and targeting strategies. Or you can get our Adbots to do the work for you.

How Adbot works

Using a decade’s worth of successful search campaigns data, our intelligent marketing tool selects your audience based on specific interests, intents, and demographics tailored to your industry. Adbot optimises your ads through A/B tests, ensuring optimal performance by directing your budget to the most successful combinations of elements. As Adbot learns more about your industry, it automatically adds new keywords to your arsenal.

Article provided by Adbot on behalf of Google

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