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How modern security systems can assist retailer

Theft does not always happen in the form of a holdup at gunpoint, as we see in the movies. In reality, it’s something much more subtle than that; it can be an opportunist taking advantage of staff shortages, human error, or organised crime targeting vulnerable and unprepared businesses. 

So, how do you keep yourself, your business, and your customers safe? Many business security systems are available, and we can tailor them to meet specific requirements. 

Every business’s ideal system looks different, and with so many options available, you may be wondering where to start. To guide this process, experts in security solutions can present you with the best options for your company.

Read on to learn more about how security solutions can work for you.


The best place to start is at the beginning. Losses, procedures in place to anticipate losses, and intelligent security solutions working in conjunction with these procedures to improve them, are excellent departure points.

Three types of losses could affect a business’s shrinkage: mistakes, external theft, and internal theft. The staff accounts for a large portion of a retail’s shrinkage percentage through genuine errors, product theft, and even theft of time.

In terms of consumer theft, there are many things employees can do to try and combat bad shrinkage results. However, challenges in this modern world of retail are being answered more efficiently by technology.

What is the result of no commercial security?

Simply, it’s a gamble. Investing in intelligent security prepares you for the worst. Being proactive is always easier to handle than being reactive in a situation, and proactivity also shortens recovery time.

The aim, of course, is to save money. So, you may wonder if you’re less likely to suffer from these losses or if you can deal with this problem yourself if you’re a small business. The simple answer to this is: no.

Smart security is not only about catching thieves in the act; it’s a powerful deterrent and captures human behavioural patterns that businesses use to make better decisions about their security. 

It is also about documenting mistakes and capturing moments in time that would otherwise be missed by, or even caused by, staff members.

Whether you are on the high street or in the business of construction or farming, we will work with you on what will best keep your staff, business, and customers safest.

Security solutions

Technology has evolved to provide solutions to modern problems, and what once might have been considered unreliable or too costly has developed and become affordable and essential. We live in an exciting age where technologies like QR codes, ID cards, and facial imaging enable you always to control who has access to your business and premises. 

Ultimately, we are trying to prevent loss. To this end, retail security systems like CCTV provide a two-fold advantage. Their mere presence is a deterrent to an opportunist, and the footage they capture constitutes proof of crimes committed. CCTV is proven to prevent vandalism and subsequently reduce insurance premiums, which in the long run saves money.

Establishing which commercial security works best for your business can be tricky, but Daisy, have you covered. 

Loss prevention 

Loss prevention is how businesses minimise their shrinkage. Although it may sometimes feel like you’re fighting a losing battle of constant shrinkage and crime, security systems exist to offer protection. You may use many strategies to protect products from error: employ more staff, create better routines, and invest in training. 

In addition to these, smart security adds an extra, more reliable layer of protection because it protects from human error and internal theft. Money can quite literally feel like it is walking out the door, but modern retail security options help reduce operational costs. They take control away from criminals, place the advantage in your hands, and thus are essential tools in prevention.


Apart from the obvious, whereby security systems create a safe environment for staff and customers, there is also the safety of profit. If you create an environment where customers feel safe, they will bring their return business your way. 

Smart security also offers accurate data that business owners and managers can analyse to make more informed decisions.

Keeping up with the latest advancements in retail security is essential in crime prevention. It takes away a criminal’s opportunity and neutralises your business as a potential target.

So, where to from here and why us?

It may feel like you’re taking on an insurmountable task because you can’t predict the future, but; you can prepare for it. Technology that was once seen only in the movies is now a reality and is available for small, medium and large businesses alike. The retail security solutions of today use sophisticated equipment and systems that make it more challenging than ever for criminals to steal from well-prepared companies. Adequate retail security ensures that you remain proactively one step ahead of criminals and have the necessary tools if your business falls victim to a crime. 

If, until this point, you haven’t given much thought to intelligent security, now is the perfect opportunity. Our expert teams and over 30 years of industry experience make us the best partners for the job. Daisy will guide your every step to becoming better prepared.

Contact us today, and we will tailor your perfect solution.

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