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How Netstar can help your business succeed

Article provided by Netstar

Owning a small or medium business has unique challenges, especially if your business relies on maximising and utilising vehicles in its operations.

At Netstar we’ve developed a specific set of tools and services aimed at helping you meet the objectives you require for success, whether it is risk management and mitigation, increasing productivity, improving operational efficiencies or enhancing the overall safety of your fleet and workforce.

Fleet Tracking

Our fleet tracking solutions are designed to provide you with complete peace of mind when it comes to the safety and protection of your business’ vehicles and drivers. Designed specifically to provide you with second-by-second real-time tracking solutions and world-class stolen vehicle recovery services, you can rest assured that we’ll help your business stay safe, while you focus on its success.

Our fleet tracking solutions include the following:

  • Stolen Vehicle Recovery Services
  • Fitment Certificate for Insurance
  • Signal Jamming Detection with Real-time Location Alerts (JammingResistTM)
  • Driver Behaviour Monitoring and Rating
  • Impact Detection for Employee Safety
  • Car Park Jamming Detection Zone Management
  • Wireless Panic Button Web and App (Live Tracking and Trip Logbook)
  • Job Scheduling and Work Items Module, which include:
    • Job Assignment to Drivers
    • Driver Assignment to Vehicles
    • Start to Finish Job Monitoring & Reporting

Optional additions that can be added onto our Fleet Tracking solutions:

  • Early Warning Theft Alert with Auto-arm Proximity Tag
  • Fleet Camera Solutions
  • Advanced Driver Assistance System

Fleet Management

For businesses that are looking for cutting-edge fleet management solutions, Netstar provides cloud-based services that work from any desktop computer or smart device. Our fleet management solution is designed to provide you with customised and actionable information for managing a cost-effective and productive fleet.

To further ensure that you can manage your fleet, our management suite also includes all the features of our Fleet Tracking offering, along with the following services:

Fleet Management Software Solutions

  • Driver Compliance Management
  • Service Scheduling and Management
  • Maintenance and Fuel Cost Management
  • Smart Geo-fence Management Alarm and Alert Management
  • Extensive Automated Reports
  • CO2 Usage Reports
  • Violation Reports

Fleet Intelligence Services

  • Dashboards

The following additions are also available to our standard packages. If you are unsure about what exactly you need to manage your fleet, we will help you to find the solutions that will work for your unique business needs.


  • Wireless Add-ons
    • Early Warning Theft Alert with Auto-arm Proximity Tag
    • Driver ID
    • Door, Temperature, Pressure and Input Sensors
  • Fleet Camera Solutions
  • Advanced Fleet Intelligence Services
    • Control Centre Monitoring Services
    • Data Intelligence Analytics
  • Advanced Driver Assistance System
  • Automated Dispatch Scheduling and Route Optimisation System
    • Display Screen with Navigation and Maps
    • Dynamic Work Scheduling with Route and Sequence Optimisation
    • Pre-start Checklist with Sign-on Glass

More than Fleet Tracking and Management

While the above products will help you minimise the risk on your business’ vehicles and drivers, as well as the giving you the opportunity to manage your fleet, we’ve also come to realise that many of our SME partners often require additional services to market their businesses to their full potential.

To help address this gap in the market, we’ve developed the Netstar Biz Assist, which provides all our SME partners with a personalised service offering that will help reduce the time spent on business admin, giving you the time you need to focus on your business’s growth.

What you can expect from Biz Assist

By subscribing to  Netstar Biz Assist , SME owners and managers can look forward to the following time-saving products and services:

Corporate Identity and Social Media Assistance

To make the most out of your presence in the market, Biz Assist will help you develop or refine your corporate identity, as well as provide you with marketing assistance to help your business to reach its audience with messaging designed to create engagement.

The following services are included:

  • Facebook Business Page Setup (Other platforms can also be set up at a nominal fee)
  • Corporate Identity (Logo Design)
  • Website Domain Registration
  • Starter Website (Splash Page)
  • A Direct Emailer Marketing Campaign
  • Free consultations regarding any further and unique needs your SME may require

Licence Disc Renewal

You don’t have to waste time standing in queues with Biz Assist. Our License Disc renewal services are designed to help you avoid lapses, saving you time and money.

The service will help your business by:

  • Notifying you by SMS of license expiry a month in advance
  • Providing easy and secure online payments
  • Fast license disk delivery to your door
  • Fine Fitness

Fine Fitness

If you have a fleet-based business or make use of a business vehicle, fines are a part of life. With Fine Fitness, you will receive alerts on your fines, and with our help even get them reduced by an average of 50%!

Tender Notification

Business growth can be difficult, especially when it comes to getting ready for a tender. That’s why our Tender Notification service will proactively search for tenders in your industry and notify you of any well before the deadline.

Better still, we will provide you with guidelines to help you complete tender documents in a professional and hassle-free way.

Medical Assistance

No one can prepare for every eventuality, but you can remain prepared for worst case scenarios. Our Medical Assistance services will give you instant telephonic access to a team of qualified nurses for any of the following needs:

  • General Medical Advice
  • Crisis telephone lines (for family and domestic abuse, rape, child abuse, grief counselling, etc.)
  • Emergency Medical Transportation to the nearest adequate medical facility, either by road or by air.

IT Help Desk

While technology is necessary to run a modern business, we all have need of professional IT assistance from time to time. With our IT Help Desk, you can look forward to 24/7 access to IT support for your business including the following:

  • Troubleshooting or maintenance of websites
  • Software support
  • Systems support for services, workstations, storage device, terminals, etc.

Employer Assistance

  • Matters requiring referral to the CCMA and/or Bargaining Council.
  • Union negotiations and strike action.
  • Risk management and advisory consultation services.
  • Professional assistance with internal hearings, retrenchment consultations as well as any applicable templates.


Debt collection can be time consuming and a drawn-out process that may end up costing your business more time and money than you were owed. With our Collections Assist team, you get access to professional debt collectors that are supported by legal teams along with advanced collections technology to help you with debt collection.

Debt collection services you gain access to includes:

  • Collection calls.
  • Tracing debtors.
  • Tactical SMS and email attempts to increase payment/contact rate.
  • Administration of monthly payment arrangements up until the account balance is fully repaid.
  • Accounts can be referred at your request to a law firm for further legal action. The cost hereof will be for your own account.
  • All monies collected will be credited to your bank account each month end.

Let us help your business succeed

Running an SME in today’s marketplace may be challenging, but with the services Netstar has specifically designed to help reduce your admin load, help you achieve sustainable fleet management practices, and help to reduce your vehicle and driver risk, you can look forward to spending your valuable time on what matters most: growing your business.

Contact us today to find out how we can create a tailor-made solution for your business and its unique needs

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