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How to build a core team for your business

The right team can make or break a business. Some entrepreneurs prefer to go it alone only to find a few months down the line that they need help and hire in a hurry which could be more detrimental to your business than you think. So let’s see how you can build a core team that will help you to expand into a bigger and better business when the growth opportunities arrive.

1. Have a clear business vision

Before you start to create the team for your business, you need to have a clear vision of what your business is about. You need to understand the values that are important to your business. Write down your vision and values and keep them visible so you are reminded constantly why you are in business.

2. Understand yourself well

Yes, we all believe we are superhuman when we start a business and we will just learn how to do the things which are not in our wheelhouse. While this might be true and you should be a constant student of life and business, if you are an entrepreneur, there are times when it will serve you better to hire someone who excels in the area of business where you don’t. Write a list of your hard skills and soft skills. Then assess how your skills translate into your business. Are there some skills you should be better at? Then hire someone who has those skills. When you hire people who excel in the areas you don’t; you will have the resources to take your business to the next level.

3. Hire diversity

You don’t want to hire people who are the exact same as you because then your weaknesses will be exaggerated and you may see no growth in your business. Hire people who are a little bit different to you and who will respect and challenge you in a positive way.

4. Take it slow

When looking for a new hire, take it slow. Remember the CV is the request from a potential employee to enter your business. Review the CV and arrange an interview where you can ask the potential new employee questions which will give you a better idea of who they are. If in the face-to-face interview, you have a gut feeling that this recruit is not right for your business listen to it. You can also offer them a day in the office to see how they mix with the other members in your company.

5. Plan for the future

Yes, you may need an immediate need for an employee but keep the future in perspective. What are the employee’s dreams and aspirations? Do they align with your business or are you just a stepping stone in their career development plan? When hiring a new employee, consider how they will do if they become the head of the department they work in now at your start-up.

6. Write a clear job specification

When looking for an employee be clear in what you expect them to do and what their responsibilities will be in the position. When interviewing the employee ask them questions so that they can demonstrate they have the skills you need for the position they are applying for.

7. Ensure they have good customer service skills

No matter who you are in a business, you need to be able to give customers a positive experience when they interact with you. Especially at the beginning of a start-up, your team is usually small and everyone interacts with the customer at one or another time, therefore you need to ensure your employees will give the customer the best experience they can.

By following these seven tips you will be well on your way to hiring strong candidates for your core team who will be with you as your business flourishes beyond your wildest imagination.

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