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How to build and sustain a community with Glue Up’s Community Management Suite

Article provided by Glue Up

Community management is the process of building an authentic community. This could be business’s customers, employees, or partners through various types of interaction. With community management, a brand is able to utilize opportunities to interact with their audience to create a network in which they can connect, share, and grow.

Connecting your community online is more important than ever. With Glue Up Community Management Suite businesses can enable business networking to happen in a tailor-made private social media platform designed to increase retention, boost engagement, and protect your community’s information. With this tool you can give your staff, members or audience a digital place to connect and create long-lasting business relationships.

There are many reasons to explore what community management can do for your organization.

Improved engagement

Offering a superior customer experience pays off with increased loyalty, referrals and eventually revenue. Investing in customer and staff experience initiatives could increase your revenue. The strongest reason for starting a digital community is having a branded space for people to interact with you and their fellow members. This one of the most effective ways to boost experiences. With effective community management, people feel recognized and heard, and any inquiries are quickly taken care off. For your community to offer a great experience, consider the following tactics:

  • While building your community management strategy, consult with your audience. This initiative will help you learn about their interests, the kind of topics that they would like discussed, timings, etc. Tailoring your community from the audience’s feedback will ensure it’s success.
  • Create a regular schedule of discussions and posts that will keep your audience engaged and excited to return to your community platform. Ensure you post more at the start of your community as this will encourage it to grow and will also motivate members of the community to create and share their own content on the platform.
  • Come up with unique ways to reward your community for their engagement. Offer exclusive perks, discounts, private events, and more. Spotlights are known to encourage people to proactively contribute to the community and connect with each other.
  • Authenticity and transparency are important to this century’s audience. You ought to make sure the content shared within the digital community is valuable. Own the space that you specialize in by leveraging experts, adding to discussions, and sharing exclusive insights.

Data ownership

Data fuels every process in your company and that’s why so many platforms are limiting access to it. One of the merits of digital communities compared to a social media platform is data ownership. Knowing what satisfies your audience and using it to target them more effectively can be powerful. Having data ownership has become increasingly valuable as it guides your next steps. An effectively managed online community will provide numerous data sources to draw on to improve marketing, sales, and customer service. So, to use your data ownership effectively, you will need to double down on your community management.

Increased retention

Acquisition costs are rising. People are extremely busy and have limited time and attention spans. It’s getting harder to grab people’s attention and cut through the noise of different array of marketing tactics. This means that keeping hold of your current customers, staff or members is increasingly vital to your organization’s growth. Maximizing lifetime value is business critical and hence one ought to employ retention tactics. Having regular, valuable conversations with your audience will build brand loyalty and provide insights. Digital communities provide an opportunity to better understand what the audience needs, their pain points, their desires, and how your services can aid them.

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