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How to build employer-employee relationships in the digital world

The digital world has opened multiple channels you can use to build relationships with your employees. But how? And is it as effective as in-person contact? Though in-person contact is the best way to build relationships, there are many ways that you can continue to build relationships in the digital world.

1. Use video conferencing

According to some reports, 55% of communication is done through body language. By having online meetings with video, you will be able to communicate a clear message to your employees. Video interactions can be used for collaboration, feedback sessions, and any other discussions where face-to-face interaction is important.

2. Develop employees with online training

You can use online training platforms to help onboard your employees as well as keep employees up to date with the trends in your industry and products. In addition, you could offer online courses to help grow your employees in their chosen careers. By encouraging and helping employees to build their careers, they may be loyal in the long run even if they decide to move on from you.

3. Offer channels for grievances

Being able to listen and attend to grievances in a professional and informed way is critical to ensure that no bullying or toxicity is developing in your business. If your HR system offers it, you can let employees know that they can bring up issues anonymously.

4. Make decisions based on data

With most interactions happening online, you can quickly see how through analysing various data points which areas are productive in your business and which are struggling. You can also plan your way forward by reviewing the data and seeing where you need to develop your team.

5. Use instant messaging to build rapport

Instant messaging is a common tool used by employees to build relationships with friends and family. This tool can also be used in your business to build rapport. You can have separate channels to talk about different projects or issues in your business. This will also help build a more collaborative environment in your business.

There is a wide array of technology available for these various aspects to build rapport but when looking for technology consider these four points:

  • Try to use a universal app. Look for an app that does more than one action that you need for your business. You could also consider if the app has the potential to grow as your team grows.
  • Integrates with other programmes you use: Make sure that if you have other apps you use in your business that the app will work well with it.
  • Check the security features: It’s wonderful to use free apps but what are you giving the developer in return. Read the fine print to make sure that the app is the right choice for you.
  • Do they offer training and support: Many businesses today have a wide array of employees, and some may be comfortable with computers while others may only know the minimum to get them through their job. Ensure that if you decide to use a new platform, you can offer education to everyone in your business on how to use the new app or platform.

Some apps you can consider using to help build the relationships in your business are:

* Google Workplace

* Microsoft Teams

May the advice above help you to build better relationships with your employees and lead to greater profits and influence in your industry.

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