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How to check your ads with Adbot

Online advertising is the secret sauce of every small business owner’s marketing strategy. But for those who have ventured into the world of , the inner workings of this powerful platform can sometimes feel just as mysterious. How do you know if your ads are doing what they’re supposed to? In this article, we’ll dive into the nitty-gritty of how to make sure your Google Ads are running smoothly, with help from Adbot — our innovative, AI-powered advertising platform designed to simplify campaign management, so you can focus on running your business.

The challenge of running Google Ads

You’ve signed up for Google Ads, received a thumbs-up that your ads are running, but when you do a quick Google search for your business, nada, there’s no sign of your ads. As doubt creeps in like unwelcome guests on a Sunday afternoon, you start thinking that you’ve fallen prey to some online scam. This is where Adbot swoops in to save the day.

How the Adbot platform works

Adbot, as an AI-powered advertising platform, is designed to efficiently handle and optimise multi-channel ad campaigns — super convenient when you’re running a small business. But Adbot won’t let you sneak a peek at your own ads. Why, you ask? Well, every click on your own ad costs you money, and Adbot is here to save you money. We don’t want you to click on your ads by mistake! But we understand that you’re curious about how your ads are performing. Keep reading.

How to check your ads with Adbot

To check whether your Google Ads are doing their job, we recommend teaming up with , a must-have tool that’s like an online performance detective. Here’s how you can use Google Analytics together with Adbot to check the status of your Google Ads:

Get a Google Analytics account: If you don’t have one already, create a Google Analytics account for your website. This tool is pure gold for tracking your website traffic and understanding what your visitors are up to.

Link Google Analytics with Google Ads: Make sure your Google Ads and Google Analytics accounts are linked. This will give you access to a treasure trove of data about your ad campaigns, all neatly organised within Google Analytics.

Dive into the data: Open Google Analytics, go to “Acquisition” and click on “Google Ads”. Here you’ll see everything related to your ad campaigns, including clicks, impressions, click-through rates, and conversion data. Use this information to gauge the effectiveness of your ads.

Set up custom alerts: Google Analytics lets you set up custom alerts to notify you whenever something significant happens with your campaign performance. No need to constantly check your ads — let the alerts come to you.

Use Adbot for campaign management: You may not be able to view your ads directly through Adbot, but it’s a whiz at managing and optimising your campaigns with its AI powers. Adbot’s mission is to get the most clicks for you at the lowest cost, ultimately boosting your revenue. By letting Adbot handle campaign management, you can focus on growing your business without getting stuck in the marketing grind.


Having the peace of mind that your Google Ads are running smoothly is essential. Thanks to Adbot’s innovative campaign management services and the powerful insights served up by Google Analytics, you can navigate the intricate world of online advertising with confidence. With these tools in your arsenal, you can keep a close eye on your ads’ performance, make data-driven decisions, and hit those advertising goals — all while saving time and money.

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